Jerome Henderson Named Cowboys New Secondary Coach……Small Shoes To Fill

Jenkins rockin' the saggy shorts look as Campo attempts to coach him up...nice try Dave

The Cowboys have finally shown Campo the door after he resided over an under achieving secondary that was an opposing QBs best friend. Ever notice that no matter how bad of an injury an opposing QB had, they would always manage to play against the Cowboys so they could improve their QB rating that week?  “OK backup Qb, nice try against the Ravens last week but now that Dallas is coming to town, my arm is feeling much better now. I’ll take this one.”

So now they bring in Secondary coach Jerome Henderson from the Browns who was with coach Ryan in 2010. The Browns had the 2nd best ranked pass defense last season in yards allowed per game so things have got to get better for the Cowboys pass defense next year right? Or will they? Let’s compare the Browns pass defense with the Boys.  (stats from

  • The Browns had the worst rush defense in the AFC last season (yards allowed) so opposing teams didn’t attempt many passes against the Browns defense because they were having so much success running the ball.
  • The Browns had 9 interceptions while Dallas actually had 15 this season. But since the Cowboys had many more passes thrown their way than the Browns, that would be expected.  However the Browns intercepted a pass for every 29 pass attempts and Dallas had an interception for only every 36 pass attempts. Advantage Browns.
  • Browns allowed 6.7 yds. per catch while Dallas allowed 7.6. That may not seem like a big difference but actually the Browns ranked toward the top (4th) in this category while the Cowboys were close to the bottom (24th). Again go Browns.
  • Opposing QBs had a QB rating of 88 against Dallas while they only had about an 80 against the Browns. In my view this is a good way to measure a teams pass defense. So clearly the Browns secondary didn’t allow opposing QBs to have as big of a day.

Based on these comparisons I would have to say, “welcome to Dallas Jerome, we could use a little help around here. Now we have this guy name Terrance…..”


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