Cowboys Say Callahan is the Man

Replacing Campo as the Secondary coach came as no surprise to me as I could never understand why he was able to last as long as he did. I figured he must have had another video of Jerry Jones in a drunken “Bill Parcels ain’t worth a blank” moment to hang over his head or something. Hey don’t forget in that same video clip, Jerry also takes a helmet to helmet shot at Tebow by saying “Tebow would never touch the field.”

Well as usual Jerry couldn’t have possibly been more wrong. Parcels brought in some of the best current Dallas players and Tebow can win games in the clutch. Jerry will go down in history as that guy who thought Quincy Carter was an NFL QB.

But honestly I was a little blind sided by the change in offensive line coach to bring in Bill Callahan from the Jets. Considering the Cowboys went with youth on the O line this year in order to save money I figure. And with all the injuries they had this year, I’m just not sure what they were expecting.  I thought they did OK considering all that but certainly it wasn’t without issues.

This Cowboys offense just can’t seem to pick up a yard when

Looks like Bill Callahan was just told he is headed to Dallas.

they must have one and that falls on the O-line. Also had a game where the center thought he was a long snapper on shotgun snaps to Romo. Remember that? The season was like a bad dream often.

When you look at how the Jets offensive line performed in 2011, they allowed about the same number of sacks last year as Dallas but the Cowboys allowed many more hits on the QB (bet Romo could have told us that). The Jets allowed 70 compared to 81 for Dallas.

Running the ball was something the Jets did well in their 2010 season however things really fell off there in 2011. The Jets averaged 3.8 yds. a carry to 4.6 for Dallas. I think Murray had something to do with Dallas performing pretty good in that area. Murray appears to be an outstanding back with the ability to break off long runs. In fact it is my opinion that the Cowboys would have squeezed into the playoffs with a healthy Murray.

It appears that the Jets team is a hot mess currently so is that why Callahan is leaving for Dallas? Notice that Callahan was also named Offensive Coordinator for Dallas which is a title that he wanted but didn’t get in NY. What will that exactly mean for the Cowboys next year? Will Jason Garrett completely give up the play calling to Bill or was that done to attract Bill to Dallas. It’s hard for me to imagine Jason totally giving that responsibility up.

Maybe Jason should just put Bill in charge of clock management and help prevent him from icing his own kicker for crying out loud!

Bill will have his work cut out for him to develop the young offensive line and get them to do a better job of keeping their QB Romo in one piece for the entire season.


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  1. Good to see the Cowboys making early serious coaching changes this offseason–first by replacing Secondary Coach Dave Campo with David Henderson (Browns) and then O-Line Coach Hudson Houck with Bill Callahan (Jets). Now let’s see what players they sign or draft–hopefully including some DBs & offensive linemen…

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