Dallas Cowboys Look for Help in 2012 Draft

Jerry, you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but you can't pick a good prospect.

After just missing the playoffs and finishing the last few games of the season with a whimper, it should be obvious to all Cowboys fans that they need some help. Recently Jason made some big changes in coaches by bringing in Callahan and Henderson so Clearly Jason thinks they need to improve. The Giants won the division by sweeping them and the Eagles had no problem beating them twice.

Last year the Cowboys helped themselves primarily on the offensive side of the ball by drafting OT Smith and RB Murray who contributed in a big way this season. However they only drafted a couple of defensive players and their contributions were minimal to say the least.

OLB Carter– is recovering from a major knee injury in college and played late in the season on special teams He came up with a blocked punt against the Eagles. If he gets healthy, I think this guy will contribute. I watched Carter play at UNC in college and he is a play maker and very athletic.

CB Thomas– Didn’t make the team and is now with the Carolina Panthers.

To say the least the defense needs attention and that clearly was the area of weakness last season. Ryan has got to be telling Jason and Jerry to get him some help in this draft because Ryan got none in the last one.

2012 DRAFT:

Based on needs, these are the positions that I expect Dallas to address in the 2012 draft and why:

1st- CB.  I do not think Newman will be with the Cowboys next season. Not only did he play very poorly late in the season but he is clearly slower and more prone to injury. I think Newman was as good as gone last preseason when Dallas made a try at getting free agent Asomugha but the hated Eagles swooped in and plucked him out of the Cowboys hands. May have been a good thing because Asomugha was too pricey in my view.

CB Kirkpatrick (Alabama) is ranked 2nd at the position and 10th overall and just my fall to Dallas at 14. Good speed, size, and have to like that he played on the best defense in college football.

How Newman managed to completely miss a target this large is hard to figure. Tackling last season was a joke.

2nd-DE/OLB. Marcus Spears has been very good at times but overall a disappointment. It would be a good idea to try to improve the defensive line and their pass rush.

3rd-Safety. The best safeties in the draft should be coming off the board at this point. Not for sure that Elam is signed again next year although I think he will be back. Sensabaugh just got an extension on his contract. Still the secondary needs help and a guy who can provide depth and develop into a safety would help.

4th-OG/C. Now is the time in the draft to help the offensive line. Could use more depth for sure at guard and center.

5th- CB. Yes get another CB. The Cowboys are that bad back there. I don’t look for Ball to return simply because he couldn’t cover Rob Ryan on an out pattern if his life depended on it. Butler who was on practice squad last season may add depth too.

6th- RB. Murray was a great pick up but their backs tend to get injured and more depth is needed. Sam Morrison may turn out to be the answer however.

7th- QB. Kitna retired so they may want to look at a young project to back up Romo and McGee. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Dallas pick up a veteran QB from a team either.

Which free agents Dallas decides to sign and keep will influence the draft in a big way.