Should They Stay or Should They Go? 2012 Free Agents Analysis

The Cowboys have 20 free agents (actually 19 with Kitna retiring) so some decisions must be made. I will start with the ones that I think are the highest priority to get signed and work down to the ones who should…. well shall we say “good riddance”.


Laurent Robinson WR- STAY- Must get him signed. Romo looked for this guy any time they were in the red zone. A nice discovery.

Tony Fiammetta FB-STAY-Another nice find. Murray ran well when this guy was out in front of him. Sign him. Some health questions.

Jesse Holley WR-STAY-Proved him self to be a nice back up WR and won the game in OT against San Francisco. Major contributor on special teams. Besides this was Michael “play maker” Irvin’s find.

Abram Elam Safety-STAY– Cowboys need him. Didn’t have a great season but who do they have to replace him? Unless they find better, sign him.

Anthony Spencer LB-STAY– A pretty dependable player. I see him staying.

Mat McBriar P-STAY?- Tough call. Sign if healthy but if not, then keep Chris Jones. Mat very effective punter when healthy.

Bradie James LB-Stay?- Another tough call. Aging player not what he use to be. Sign him unless a better LB is drafted. Could depend on development of Bruce Carter.

Sam Morrison RB-Stay– Stepped in and helped late in season when Murray was injured. Looked good but not convinced he will hold up to a lot of playing. 

May not make the cut:

Alan Ball has never been referred to as a "lunch pail" kind of guy.

Montrae Holland G– Injured late in season. Brought in to replace some young injured guys with a lot of talent. As Nagy and Arkin heal, and considering the injury, may be gone.

Frank Walker CB– Brought in to help when Newman and Jenkins were injured. I look for Dallas to bring in young new talent at this position. A good guy but Frank may not make the cut. 

Derrick Dockery-G– Just can’t stay healthy and was brought in out of desperation. 

Keith Brooking-LB- Just can’t see him being back next year. Good leader but probably done.

Show these the door and give them a boot out it!:

Alan Ball CB– Has had more chances than Campo. He can not help your secondary. See if Campo needs an assistant at Kansas.

Martellus will have more time to engage in his favorite past time..

Martellus Bennett TE– Over hyped, poor work ethic, unproductive. Please let him go.  

Kevin Ogletree-WR- A once promising player that just never happened. Robbinson’s success sends Ogletree packing. Kevin starting to have some personal issues too.