Hey NFL Pro Bowl, Washington Generals just text me…..

Hey NFL Pro Bowl, just got a text from the Washington Generals and they said you guys are going to have to tighten up on it just a little bit.  It’s official, the Pro Bowl is a joke.

This years game was so pathetic that when the NFC ran their first offensive play, the crowd in Hawaii booed the fact that they were obviously going half speed….no make that one-third speed.  Sorry Hawaiians, you just got punked today…again

The defensive linemen were clearly cooperating with the offensive linemen to not get to the QB so effectively, that the Washington Generals were impressed. Kept expecting Aaron Rodgers to throw a bucket of confetti on the sideline or something.

There are special rules in the Pro Bowl but evidently a few have been added in the last two unofficially:

  1. Don’t tackle. Just grab hold and ask them to go down. Better yet just let them score. Fans didn’t come to watch guys get tackled.
  2. Do not sack nor in any way touch the QB. That’s who the fans really came to see so let them do their thing. Like 7 on 7.
  3. Orchestrate an exchange of scores each possession and we must be tied at the half. Fans love scoring.

I know it is a meaningless game and these guys do not want to risk an injury that would impact their livelihood. I get it. Why take a chance in a Pro Bowl on getting hurt? OK that’s why I say end it and let’s stop acting like they are playing a football game because they are not. If they played touch football on the beach in Hawaii, it would be more legit than that crap. So let’s just move on to something else.

Suggestions for Pro Bowl:

  • Tie the NFL all Pro team players in with the Super Bowl and have activities during the week for Super Bowl fans to enjoy. Appearances, photos and autographs. Stuff fans would love.
  • So that Hawaiians don’t feel dissed, play a real pro football game there every year. Like the very first game of the year on a Thursday night or something. Maybe a Monday night with west coast teams.
  • On Saturday night before the Super Bowl or Sunday before the game starts, let them have a QB contest between the All Pro QBs to see who is best. Like a HR contest in baseball or dunk contest. Could have other contest as well at other positions.
  • Honor the All Pro players prior to the Super Bowl game.

I’m sure people can come up with better suggestions than mine and that is great. Let’s just move on NFL.

Come on NFL have a little pride and end this exhibition that even the Globetrotters would find a little over the top. By the end of the game, the seats were about half full and those left were booing the lousy play of Cam Newton. When the AFC was taking a knee to burn the clock at the end, to make sure they held on to win the meaningless game, well, the fans knew they had been screwed.   Close the book on the Pro Bowl game once and for all.

UPDATE: 4/26- NFL and players union mull canceling Pro Bowl. 

UPDATE: 2/6- Even NFL Commissioner Goodell is thinking of ending Pro Bowl.


2 thoughts on “Hey NFL Pro Bowl, Washington Generals just text me…..

  1. I’m a big NFL fan but didn’t even bother watching the Pro Bowl game–because it is such a joke! Good suggestions here to tie in activities with the Super Bowl–or instead of dropping this annual farce on Hawaiians, have the NFL schedule a real regular season game there. Even NFL players are opting out because they don’t want to be a part of this shameful sham.
    Come on, NFL!

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