Jerry Jones' son Stephen appears to be praying in the war room. We need it Stephen .

It’s that time of year where if your team is one of the 30 teams not playing in the Super Bowl, you are looking at the mock drafts to attempt to determine how your team is going to improve next season. For Dallas Cowboy fans right now it is all we got.

Mock drafts are like weather forecasts. A weather prediction can be fairly accurate a day or two in advance but when you go weeks out or even a month, well then they are not so reliable. And of course they are always subject to a last minute adjustment. Similarly, a mock draft can give you a pretty good indication of what will happen in the top 10 picks but after that who really knows?

Last year who could see the Falcons making that move where they gave away the farm to grab Julio Jones in the top 10? That is like a summer thunderstorm popping up and ruining a picnic. A move like that causes a ripple affect to the mocks making them pretty much useless from that point.

And after the Falcons offense scored 0 points against the Giants in the playoffs, you have to ask, “how that work out for you Falcons?”

Of course at this point no one knows who the Cowboys will pick at #14 in the NFL draft. I don’t even think Jerry Jones or Jason have made that decision yet either. They are still evaluating prospects at this point. If you have looked at more than 3 or 4 mocks, then you realize that there really isn’t a consensus out there yet but I will attempt to sort through the mayhem to narrow down the possibilities. In other words offer a draft forecast based on what we know now.

  • 50% chance that the Cowboys will draft CB Dre Kirkpatrick. If he is still on the board, then they must take him to replace Newman and help that needy secondary. Will Dre be there at 14 is the big question that no one knows. After getting busted with “hippie lettuce”, it appears he may still be there.

What if Kirkpatrick is gone from the board before 14? Then most mocks still have them addressing the defense side of the ball.

  • 15% chance that they will draft CB Janoris Jenkins. It would be a bit of a reach here but fills a need. I thought his Senior Bowl performance showed he has ability but a lot of developing needed too.
  • 15% chance they draft DE Quinton Coples or OLB Courtney Upshaw. Neither is likely to still be available at 14, however if one of them fell to 14, then I don’t think they could pass on them.
  • 15% chance they draft OLB Melvin Ingram. A play maker on defense and has impressed at the Senior Bowl. His stock is rising and Dallas must consider drafting him.
  • 5% chance they will draft G David Decastro. He is the only offensive player talked about going to the Cowboys in the first round. Guard is a need but they may end up signing Nicks from the Saints. I don’t look for them to draft a guard in the first. Decastro is definitely the best guard in the draft.

Chance of trading up or down? In other words a thunderstorm popping up? Jerry has been know to do it and I think it is slightly possible.

UP- If you can trade up to get CB Morris Claibourne, you could help the secondary a lot and special teams too. Could probably get him around the 6th pick if there are any takers.

Down- Could probably trade down and still get CB Janoris Jenkins late in the first. Never hurts to pick up another draft pick by trading down. But to dance, you have to find a partner.

Stay posted because things could change a lot and quickly.



  1. This far out from the draft, it does appear that CB Dre Kirkpatrick (Alabama) would probably be the best pick for the Cowboys–if he’s still available. (Some mock drafts project him going to another team before the Cowboys pick). But if he’s not, DE Coples (NC) or OLBs Upshaw (Alabama) or Ingram (SC) would also be good picks (if they’re still there).

    They have to go for defensive players this draft–especially after they went for offense with 6 of their 8 picks in last year’s draft! There were some pretty good defensive players they could have picked but passed on in last year’s draft–like DE J.J Watts, who now plays for Wade Phillips in Houston. This draft the Cowboys HAVE to address the defense!

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