CHEAP SHOTS…..President Jerry Jones? Oh heck no!

Recently Ware said that a full off-season with coach Ryan will be a big improvement in the Cowboys defense.

  • I want to believe that Ware but unless you guys are going to be practicing tackling for the next 6 months, I just can’t buy into it. It doesn’t matter what defense you run or how you line up, if your defense can’t tackle then you will lose a lot of games. Got to get more physical and tackle better. The fundamentals.

Jerry Jones said that he has had about 50 concussions while playing football at Arkansas.

  • Really Jerry? Well guess that explains a lot of things.

He went on to say that if he had not gotten all those blows to the head that he would have been president of the US instead of the Cowboys.

  • Easy Jerry. If you hadn’t been hit in the head so much perhaps you wouldn’t have tried to make a NFL QB out of Quincy Carter, but you wouldn’t have been President. It’s one thing to destroy a winning sports dynasty but another thing to ruin an entire country and jeopardize the whole free world. We have already had an egotistical, self indulged, rich guy with bad hair threaten to be president….Trump!  

After watching the NFC championship game, Jerry Jones said he wishes that the Cowboys had linebackers like the ones San Francisco has on their team.

  • As fans, so do we Jerry but we don’t because our GM sucks and by the way, that would be you. If I were the guy who picks the players for a team, I wouldn’t go around asking why everyone else seems to have more talented players than we do. I guess you can do idiotic stuff like that when you are in tight with the team owner which again happens to be you. That’s why this thing doesn’t work. The GM isn’t held accountable.