Dez rolls out offseason workout gear....

1) Dez has been rockin’ a T-shirt that appropriately describes himself as, “Lazy but talented.”  STORY

Perhaps this is what Jason Hatcher was referring to when he said the Cowboys have no real leaders on the team. After laying an egg at the end of the season when they had a chance to win the division, I can just imagine Coach Jason Garrett’s reaction when Dez “jailin’ pants” Bryant walks by him at the ranch wearing this shirt at workouts during the off-season. It’s not exactly going to inspire teammates to bust their tails to improve.  

Hey Dez, back in the day bro, “Moose” Johnston would have told you to change your shirt, change your attitude, pull up your pants and don’t doze off in meetings either or else! STORY     

2) Rob Ryan attacked the Broncos offense after Tebow beat his brother’s team, the Jets. LINK

We can only hope Jason Garrett is tearing off a very big piece of duct tape (after all it is the south) to put over the mouth of Rob Ryan next year.  What is it that compels the entire Ryan family of Rob, Rex, and dad Buddy, to shoot off their mouths and motivate their opponents far more than their own players?

Rob described the Broncos offense as college crap and said they don’t win at the NFL level….unless of course they go up against a Ryan coached defense evidently. Rob also said that Broncos offense made him “throw up.”

Hey Rob, the way your defense performed against the Eagles and Giants last season, made Cowboy fans throw up!

3) Jerry Jones’ Puppet  uh I mean son Stephen responded to Jason Hatcher’s comments of  a lack of leadership on the field,

Everybody has their reasons for our seemingly not making the playoffs or not getting the job done that we all want to get done, including Jason,” Jones said. “He wants to go to the Super Bowl, and so our guys appreciate that. They think we’ve got a lot of talent on [this] team. Sometimes it’s frustrating and it’s then, ‘Why aren’t we getting it done? I think Tony’s a helluva quarterback. We have good players on defense.’ And I think we do to. Everybody’s trying to figure out what we need to do to take the next step. I’m sure if you ask 53 guys they’ve all got differing opinions as to why it’s not done. “

Actually Stephen, if you were to ask those 53 guys, you wouldn’t get 53 answers. They could pretty much narrow down it down to a couple of reasons why we aren’t getting it done. 1. Jerry Jones and 2. YOU!