Dallas Cowboys First Pick in 2012 Draft: VERSION 2.0

We now have updated information since early speculations of who Dallas may draft in the first round. Perhaps we can narrow down the possibilities a little bit.

Here are the major developments so far:

  • OLB Spencer was tagged indicating Dallas will re-sign him. That makes it less likely that an OLB like Upshaw or Ingram will be drafted with their first pick.
  • N.O. Saints OG Nicks was not tagged by the Saints- That means he can test the free agent market and it is a player that appears Dallas will be interested in. However he will have a large price tag so I still think the Cowboys will be interested in drafting Stanford gurad DeCastro…if he is still available.
  • According to Jerry, he may resign Newman (don’t get me started on this revelation) which makes it rather ambiguous if the Cowboys will draft a corner with the first pick.

OK. So who are the first pick prospects that are likely still on the Cowboys radar screen?

CB Dre Kirkpatrick: Gil Brandt watched Dre’s Pro Day on Wednesday and liked what he saw. I like his height at 6′-2″ and he demonstrated 4.5/40 speed and agility. In addition Kirkpatrick has the size and ability to move to safety in future and be a very good one. If Newman is not signed and Dre is on the board at #14, I think Dallas will pick him. But Jerry just might try to serve up that same tired old secondary that was posterized too often last year.

 OG DeCastro: Probably the safest pick the Cowboys could make. The best guard in the draft and could fill a need for years to come for the Dallas O-line. However most mock drafts have DeCastro off the board by #14 although it is a possibility he will be on the board. If he is on the board, I think Dallas takes him and he will cost Jerry much less than signing Nicks. They can’t pass on this guy if he is there.

CB Jenkins: Considered a bit of a reach at #14. He is only 5-10 and he comes with baggage. Even more than Dez coming out of college. I do not see Dallas picking Jenkins because Jason keeps talking about “our kind of guy” and I think it is safe to say multiple busts for pot, several kids from different moms, and getting kicked out of a major college program is not what Jason means by “our kind of guy”. That would be Jerry Jones kind of guy.

Safety Barron: A reach at #14 but if Dallas doesn’t sign Elam to a contract, then they will need a safety. I don’t look for Dallas to select Barron with the first pick and actually think they will sign a veteran free agent if they don’t bring back Elam. The usual “spare tire” approach to the safety position.

ILB Luke Kuechly: This ILB from Boston College reminds me of current LB Sean Lee. VIDEO He makes a lot of tackles and is surprisingly good in coverage too, like Lee. With an NFL trend of throwing to TEs often, LBs that can cover TEs are in demand. Luke can cover. If Dallas doesn’t bring back Brooking or James then they will need some depth at ILB. Carter is expected to start however it remains to be seen if he is fully recovered from a knee injury in college.  This wouldn’t be a bad pick in my view but it isn’t likely especially if Brooking is signed for another year which it looks like he will.

Conclusion: I think Dre Kirkpatrick and DeCastro are the main guys on the Cowboys radar with the first pick. And if they get either one at #14, they should feel pretty good about the pick. Both can help immediately in areas of need.

However no guarantee that either will be there at #14 so then what? Well it could get interesting.

They could possibly trade down to get Jenkins or Barron in late first round or make a reach for either one.

Stay posted more clues will trickle down soon.