NFL Announces New Rule Changes and the Games aren’t Going to get any Shorter

On Wednesday the NFL announced the newest rule changes. And if you think the games can go on forever at times, then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

1. The OT rule that was unveiled during the playoffs last year has now been approved for the regular season. A team can no longer win the coin toss then kick a FG and the game over often referred to with the very solemn term, “sudden death”.  Now the other team would get a possession and have a chance to tie or win the game.

My take: I liked this rule for the playoffs where so much is at stake but I don’t like it for the regular season.  It only makes the games longer and it just might have the unintended effect of encouraging teams to not go for the win in regulation since we now have a more fair Overtime. Instead of going for two maybe they now kick the extra point and just play on.

Suggestion: I’m for anything that shortens the games which can now go well over 4 hours. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy an exciting OT game but enough is enough.  Since it is a regular season game, I’m in favor of just determining the winner with a coin toss. “Call it in the air. Heads it is. You win. We are out of here.”  Hey they are already telling us that whoever wins the OT coin toss tends to win the game anyway.  Have to admit it would be an exciting coin toss. Look for coaches to try to “ice” the calling of the toss by using timeouts and stuff.

Now “icing” kickers is something that should be addressed with rule changes! That crap makes me crazy. Put a stop to that. If the kicker kicks it, too bad you were too late calling a timeout. And no back to back TOs.

2.  The NFL also made review of any turnovers as automatic for the replay booth. All turnovers will be analyzed by replay and no request by a coach required.

My take: Great all we needed is another delay in games. It is starting to get a little annoying and the risk is it negatively impacts the flow and emotion of the game. These type of rule changes ultimately make idiots of NFL refs by causing them to not really be concerned about getting the call right on a turnover. “Heck just go look at the replay” is what they should say.

Look I get it, they don’t want games determined by a an official’s error and just because the coach doesn’t have any challenges left.  And a turnover can be a play that could have a huge impact on who wins the game. But if we review every stinking play, one game may go for 6 hours and that could cause us to miss the start of the following game which usually is the one we really want to see anyway.

Suggestion: Only do an automatic turnover review in the last 2 minutes of the game.

3.  Being caught with more than 11 players on the field before the snap becoming a dead-ball foul rather than a five-yard penalty that would be enforced after the play was run and time taken off the clock.

My Take: We have the Giants to thank for this rule change because it happened in the Super Bowl when they exploited the loop hole. Leave it to those Giants. How about a rule that addresses the fake injuries that the Giants are so good at doing to stop the clock?

Bottom line is I’m for anything that causes the game to move along at a faster pace and allows the fans to enjoy the moment instead of waiting to come back after 5 minutes of beer commercials to find out the call. Then only to watch the replay for about 12 times and realize that they still got it wrong.

Sometimes even the replay is not all that decisive and it still becomes subjective. How many times have you heard the announcers give their opinion and then the call go the other way?


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