NFL Considering No Pro Bowl

After the last Pro Bowl in February, I posted a blog that they should just go ahead and end the darn thing. In the blog I make suggestions to have in place of the bogus game.  Here is that blog:

“Hey Pro Bowl, Washington Generals just text me”….  

Here we are in April and the NFL/Players union are considering canceling the Pro Bowl after this year’s version which was a shameful display of non competition and a complete joke.


While the meaningless game is still on the NFL schedule, ESPN reports that no venue for the game has been named indicating that it just may not happen in 2013.

Watching NFL players work together in a playful way to make sure no one gets hurt was a little disturbing to watch for me, and evidently I was not the only one.  In a way it was the opposite of Bounty Gate but just as counterfeit.  As I watched, it made me wonder what else are they capable of cooperating with each other to accomplish? Could there be a game late in the season where one team needs a win and the other doesn’t so they just go through the motions so the team wins that has something at stake? I’m not aware of that happening and I am not saying it has but in light of “Bounty Gate”, this is not a good time for the NFL to put a game on display that has players pretending to compete with each other.

There is already a big enough black eye on America’s favorite sport with the things that are being uncovered in New Orleans currently, which ironically, is where the Super Bowl will be played in 2013.