Jerry Jones Shocks the world and Picks LSU CB Morris Claiborne with 6th pick in draft

Morris was just as shocked as the rest of us. Welcome to Dallas Morris we have a secondary that could use your cover skills.

WOW Not even Morris Claiborne saw this one coming. Shocked.

With all the combines, pro days, visits and mock drafts you think there can’t be any surprises on the first day of the draft but boy were there. We knew the Cowboys wanted to improve their secondary and they did just that when they spent $50 million to sign CB Brandon Carr in free agency.

At that point things looked better back there in the secondary so no one predicted they would move up (lost their 2nd rd. pick) to get the highest rated CB in the draft. So where does that leave Jenkins and Scandrick? Jerry didn’t reach up to grab Claiborne so he can back up one of those two CBs. No way.

Jenkins has one more year on his contract and Scandick was just signed to a big contract before the 2012 season. Carr is coming in to replace Newman and start at one corner so where does Claiborne fit and what happens to either Jenkins or Scandrick? That will be a story to watch unfold.

I have mixed feelings on this move.

  • On one hand you picked up a really good press coverage shut down type CB for sure.
  • On the other hand you gave up a second round pick where you can get a player that can help your team right away
  • Also there were good defensive players that can fill needs available at 14 where Dallas was before. (Brockers and Ingram for example).

It’s early but this pick feels impulsive to me.


2 thoughts on “Jerry Jones Shocks the world and Picks LSU CB Morris Claiborne with 6th pick in draft

  1. I’m in shock but pleasantly surprised that Jerry made the move up to grab the top DB in this draft. In addition, Clairborne is also one of the top KO & punt returners in the draft. Gotta give an “attaboy” for the pick–but don’t like giving up their 2nd round pick…

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