CB Mike Jenkins Could Be Odd Man Out in Cowboys Revamped Secondary

Jerry says of Jenkins, “He’s taking care of business, and we need him back here to get to work with the rest of his teammates.”

After the Cowboys spent $50 million to sign free agent CB Brandon Carr, there was little doubt they intended to fix the weakest part of the defense. Newman, now with the Bengals, was let go so it became clear that Carr is replacing Newman at one corner and Jenkins would be the other corner.  Scandrick was signed to a long term deal prior to the 2011 season to cover the slot. The secondary appeared all locked up but then there was Thursday night.

That’s when Jerry traded up to draft the top corner in the draft Morris Claiborne which may change everything. Did Jerry trade away a second round pick so that Claiborne could provide depth in the secondary? Not only no, but heck no. Claiborne is going to be on the field. And he is likely to be on the field playing corner along with Carr. Where does that leave Jenkins? Well that is the big question.

Jenkins who is entering the last year of his contract, actually had a pretty good season last year in fact better than Scandrick which I discussed in an earlier blog.  Scandrick. However Jenkins was injured for most of the year and is recovering from shoulder surgery currently.

What the Cowboys plans are for Jenkins are unclear but it appears clear that they aren’t real thrilled with his offseason as Jerry Jones mentions of Jenkins, “[He’s] taking care of some business, and we need him to get back here and get to work with the rest of his teammates.” Not sure what business Jenkins is tending to but I get the impression the boss ain’t real happy about it.

Trade Jenkins?

There are reports that the Cowboys are interested in trading Jenkins. TRADE  It isn’t real clear if that is true but I have to think they would entertain any legit offers without a doubt. If the team can get value for Jenkins then it just makes sense. After all his health is questionable and his play has been inconsistent. Now that you have Carr and Claiborne (sounds like a law firm), Jenkins is kind of the odd man out anyway.

Wake Up Jenkins

Whatever Jenkins fate is, eventually will be determined. But for sure, Thursday night Jones sent a message loud and clear to both Scandrick and Jenkins. The level of secondary play last year is not going to get it in 2012. Jerry replaced Campo with a new secondary coach Jerome Henderson  immediately after the season ended, released Newman, signed Carr in free agency and then traded up to draft Claiborne.  Jerry ain’t playing around, Jenkins. If I were you, I would wrap up “business” in Florida and get up to Valley Ranch right away.