Alex Tanney Trick Shot QB to Tryout With Bills

Alex Tanney flawlessly executing a trick shot.

Alex Tanney, known as the trick shot QB, will get an opportunity to make an NFL roster. He will workout with the Buffalo Bills. His youtube VIDEO got him noticed with his uncanny accuracy.

He throws the football from 50 yards and hits the goal post…on one knee. Accurately tosses a football to a WR sitting in the back of a moving pick up truck and throws it through basketball goals from long distances.

Now if you think he is just clowning around, he has ideal QB size at 6-4, 220 lbs and while at Monmouth College set records at DIV III level as all time leader in passing yards 14,249 and division leader in TDs thrown 157.

I wouldn’t bet against Alex making an NFL roster but if he doesn’t, he can put on one heck of a halftime show.


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