Jerry Jones Says No Plans to Trade Jenkins

Today Jerry Jones spoke about rumors of trading CB Mike Jenkins after they traded up to draft Claiborne. I’m offering “my take” to help understand.

Jerry says the Cowboys are not trying to trade Jenkins and he is in their plans next year.

My Take: We shopped him around but couldn’t get anyone to over pay for this injured has been corner. We’re stuck with him for now.

“Jenkins is not only this year, but a long-term player here as far as I’m concerned,” Jerry claimed.

My Take: When his contract expires at the end of this coming season, he is as good as gone. Probably put out to pasture in Cincinnati with Newman.

“I think we’ve got the resources to have three top corners, and (Orlando) Scandrick, which in my mind would be a fourth corner,” Jerry said. “That area of your money allocation just happens to be an area where if you plan right to get strong at corner and strong with the pass rush, you’re going to spend some money out there.”

My Take: OK, fact is I over paid for Scandrick and gave him a big contract now we have to use him some where even if he can’t cover the slot receiver. If you think Jenkins can’t cover, look at Scandrick.

Then Jason spoke on the fact that Jenkins has not been rehabbing in Dallas with teammates which is preferred.

“We like to have all of our players here involved in our off season program,” head coach Jason Garrett said, “but we’ve been in communication with Jenkins all through the offseason. It is voluntary; we can’t make anyone be here. We’re fortunate as a team that we have so many guys who live in Dallas and really embrace what we’re doing in the offseason program.”

MyTake: We told Jenkins to get his sorry butt up here to Valley Ranch like everyone else but as usual, he is doing his own thing. At the end of the season he is as good as gone.


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