NFL QBs with Identity Crisis

Eli Manning hosted Saturday Night Live and got in touch with his feminine side.

Eli on SNL

Then Tom Brady not to be out done, and to wrestle the headlines from the super bowl winning QB, came out to the Met Gala Monday night rockin’ the “Gumby hair” from SNL character Gumby which Eddie Murphy portrayed in the ’80s. Brady’s wife/model should have thrown Brady’s hair stylist under the bus like she did his WRs after losing the super bowl.

Eddie Murphy as Gumby on SNL.

Brady rockin’ the Gumby hair at the Met Gala.

Also after being traded to the Jets, QB Tim Tebow changed the name of his dog from Bronco, to Bronx.  Who names a dog after a horse anyway? Tim, you should have just got yourself a horse instead of a dog and named it after the guy that looks like a horse….Elway.

Elway is the one on the right…I think?