Colin Cowherd Most Delusional Sports Radio Personality

ESPN sports radio host Colin Cowherd, Coward, Cow-turd or whatever you want to call him, came out with his list of must delusional fan bases in sports. He ranked Dallas Cowboys fans as the 4th most delusional fan base. Here is the entire list:

Cowherd’s Top 10: 1. Tim Tebow 2. Notre Dame football 3. Penn State football 4. Dallas Cowboys 5. Dale Earnhardt Jr. 6. Oakland Raiders 7. Big Ten football 8. College basketball 9. New York Knicks 10. Chicago Bulls

Wow that’s an awful lot of good fans to take a shot at in just one list.  Before I address Cowturd’s under the belt buckle cheap shot at Cowboy fans, allow me to point out that my dislike for this sports radio blow hard far preceded this list rolling out recently.

 Just a few reasons to ignore Cowturd (as if you needed some more):

1. His disdain for college basketball is not rational. Colin loves him some NBA but college hoops is for losers in his eyes. He acts like college hoops is nothing compared to the NBA although naturally most NBA players come through the college game. OK we get it. You prefer NBA but that doesn’t make college hoops terrible.

In fact, I have little doubt that last year’s Kentucky Wildcat team would make easy work of the NBA’s pathetic Charlotte Bobcat team. The point is college basketball is a great sport too. Unlike Cowturd, I think it is possible for fans to appreciate both college and NBA basketball. Cowturd is a delusional NBA fan.

2. Colin has a massive full blown man crush on Lebron James and therefore is not capable of being objective about his play at all. He continuously defends Lebron no matter how often he fails to step up and lead his team to victory in a big game. I have nothing against James and can clearly see that he is an exceptional player. I’ve always been impressed with his ability to distribute the rock however he just doesn’t step up and nail the big shot like the great ones do. It’s a fair criticism that many analyst have made. Cowturd is just a delusional Lebron fan.

3. When it comes to Tim Tebow, Cowturd has been drinking the hater-ade. Tebow fans made the top of his list. Last December, Colin was on his radio show attempting to convince listeners just how lousy a QB Tebow is when he stated that Tebow was ranked 32nd in the NFL, then inexplicably changed it to 31 the next day when in reality his QB rating ranked 14th in the NFL at that time. (mid Dec.) (I sent Cowturd an email last December calling him out, but no response)

In order to back up his argument, Cowturd evidently was ranking QBs by passing yards which obviously put Tebow at a big disadvantage, since he had far fewer pass attempts than most QBs. Manipulating the numbers to support his rant.

It’s fine if Cowturd doesn’t like Tebow. That’s an opinion he is entitled to however get your facts straight and be fair or you lose credibility with sports fans. I’m not a huge Tebow fan but I do think Tebow is a good guy, a good leader, and can step up and make a big play when his team needs one like he did in OT against the Steelers.

Tebow just needs more development to become a quality QB in the NFL just like a lot of young QBs. What made Tebow have a solid QB rating was the fact that he threw far more TDs than INTs making him a very efficient QB. He took good care of the ball which is very important in the NFL. Cowturd is a delusional Tebow hater.

4. Kate Upton (Sports Illustrated cover model) apparently hung up on Colin Cowturd after he asked a number of creepy questions during a radio interview. STORY    Just get the feeling she isn’t the first hot chick to hang up on this loser either….

Now back to dissed Dallas Cowboy fans.

Cowboy fans, like many fans on Cowturd’s list, are loyal to their team and that is what helps make the sport great. They don’t jump ship even after a decade or more of frustration.

These fans keep the faith in the face of adversity and I absolutely admire fans who stick with their teams like all the ones on the list. Any coward can jump to another team that is winning. That’s easy, but not nearly as rewarding as seeing your team win after years of not winning.

So Colin Coward, just walk into a bar down in Dallas and say “Cowboy fans suck!” And let us know how that works out for ya. ….