With the Cowboys signing free agent CB Brandon Carr for $50 million and drafting CB Mo Claiborne, along with not extending his contract, past pro bowl CB Mike Jenkins just ain’t feeling’ the love from Dallas. So he is staying in Florida during OTAs this week to continue his rehabbing. To his credit, Jenkins played while injured last season and perhaps feels a little under appreciated with the offseason acquisitions.

Word is Jenkins wants to be traded after his agent asked for a contract extension that didn’t happen. And it is reported that he will not be at Valley Ranch this week with his team. Actually Jenkins isn’t breaking any rules by blowing off OTAs.  After all, he is rehabbing a shoulder that he had surgery on and would not be able to participate anyway.

But here is what makes it feel like a classic display of “passive aggressive” behavior on Jenkins part. His head coach (Garrett) and owner (Jones) don’t really have any idea what he is doing in Florida or if he will be in Valley Ranch. That just can’t be a good sign. What’s Up with that Jenkins?  Is it asking too much to text them your plans? Or a Twitt even? At this point, Jerry would be more likely to locate Casey Anthony in Florida than Jenkins.

Jerry Jones came out and said that Jenkins is in their future plans this season which I’m just not buying. Jenkins certainly would not appear to be on board with those plans at all. Jerry, you just can’t come out and tell us he is in your future plans then turn around and confess you have no idea where he is or what he is doing during your team’s camp. That dog won’t hunt.

I’m not interested in defending Jenkins. He should get his rehabbing self up to Valley Ranch and honor his contract and commitment to his teammates in my view. But the NFL is a business and Jenkins who is in his last year of contract, wants to get paid.

With the money Jerry Jones spent on the secondary recently, that’s just not going to happen for Jenkins in Dallas and evidently he is coming to the conclusion that being traded to another team will get him his contract.

Typically trading a guy who is rehabbing and getting some value in return, isn’t an easy thing to pull off. Most teams will not sign an injured player but that didn’t stop Jerry from recently signing Panthers guard Bernadeau who after receiving starter money, is now out for months recovering from hip surgery.

Don’t get me started on that move!