6 Reasons It is Best For Dallas to Just Trade Jenkins

Evidently the Colts are interested in trading for Mike Jenkins. COLTS.  However Jerry Jones and Head Coach Jason Garrett both recently said they have no plans to trade him. Which just might mean, “make us an offer we can’t refuse”. In other words, perhaps they just haven’t received the value they seek for Jenkins yet.

Or possibly they are actually sincere about keeping Jenkins and forcing a role for him in the secondary next season. Not smart I fear.

Most Cowboys bloggers and fans seem to buy into the idea of retaining the services of Jenkins however I beg to differ.

When you look at the big picture, regardless of what the Cowboys are saying right now, trading Jenkins just might be best for everyone involved.


Jenkins asked for a new contract extension which Dallas ignored. It is the last year of his rookie deal so he needs to have a good year. Playing in the 4th spot at Dallas is likely to make him not appear all that valuable or needed. Trading Jenkins would offer him an opportunity for more quality playing time with a team that needs him which may result in him getting the money he wants.  If Dallas isn’t willing to sign him for a longer contract, then he deserves the right to test the waters out there.


All indications are Jenkins wants to be traded. And with his avoiding OTAs this week, that certainly appears to be the case. The word “disgruntled” would be the way to describe Jenkins if he is kept now, and that could prove to be toxic in the Dallas locker room. Just can’t see Jenkins content to be demoted to the 4th corner spot in the secondary. Eliminate a potential disgruntled player.


Fact is the Cowboys have a new secondary coach in Jerome Henderson so there is really no relationship between he and Jenkins. Coach Campo and Newman are gone now so making a clean break with Jenkins is likely to ease tension in the Cowboys locker room. New additions Carr and Claiborne may find it uncomfortable with a demoted Jenkins looking over their shoulder. This just feels like a recipe for bad team chemistry.


Jenkins played while injured last season and is just coming off shoulder surgery. Is he really going to hold up all 16 games next season? That remains to be seen but I have my doubts. He just isn’t that healthy now.


The Cowboys may get a player in exchange for Jenkins that can help them in other areas. And there are certainly other areas that would appear more needy than the current secondary. For example, the offensive line could certainly use someone with experience after surgery set back Bernadeau. There are other areas as well that could use more depth. Getting a player other than a CB could be more beneficial to Dallas next season.


Last year Jenkins didn’t seem very interested in coming up and making tackles. Which by the way, he wasn’t by himself ( “whiff” Newman was let go) . Is that because Jenkins was playing injured or he just wanted to avoid contact? It’s not clear but I think it’s time for the Cowboys to break ties with secondary players who are a little shy about tackling. That attitude can spread through the defense like a bad virus. “Well if Jenkins is not required to come up and tackle a RB then why should I?” The Cowboys need guys that like to tackle and hit. Make a clean break from the “whiff tackle” guys. Proof Jenkins avoids contact. VIDEO  Come on Jenkins!

JERRY AND JASON BLUFF?   It remains to be seen if the Cowboys trade Jenkins or not. When they say they aren’t interested in trading him, well I’m just not buying it. Other teams probably aren’t either. They realize Jenkins wants traded and they know with the addition of Claiborne, Jenkins isn’t needed as much in Dallas either. So let’s just stop the games and do what is best for everyone involved.  Breaking free of Jenkins may not only be best for him but the entire team next season. At least that’s the way this blogger sees it.


4 thoughts on “6 Reasons It is Best For Dallas to Just Trade Jenkins

  1. Your reasons for trading Jenkins make sense–for him and the Cowboys…He has become damaged goods now and there’s no guarantee that he’s healthy now. Even if he is, he won’t be happy playing as a backup CB for the Cowboys–when he may be able to go to another team (Colts?) and get that big contract that he simply won’t get in Dallas now.

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