Safety Postion? Cowboys Scandrick says, “Not Happeing”.

In the off season, Jerry Jones has been very intentional about getting some new talent in the Dallas Cowboys too often exposed secondary. Assuming Jenkins is not traded, speculation is that the Cowboys will play 4 corners and have corner back Orlando Scandrick playing a safety spot.

Scandrick’s reaction when asked about adjusting to a safety position? He replied “not happening”. ARTICLE       Not a “whatever is best for the team”, nor a “I’m just glad to contribute any way I can,” not even a more diplomatic “let’s just wait and see what the plan is next year.” No Scandrick rejected that notion faster than NFL GMs who were recently asked to be on “Hard Knocks”.

Signing a nice big contract extension will make a player much more opinionated I suppose. And that is exactly what happened with Scandrick prior to last season as he got his contract. However Scandrick didn’t have a good season last year covering the challenging and yet critical slot receiver. Blogged about it earlier

So now the Cowboys find themselves with a cluster of corners in the secondary. You have two new very talented additions, Carr and Claiborne, that have fans excited. Mixed in with two returning players who are feeling a little threatened I would say, in Jenkins and Scandrick.

Jenkins basically said “not happening” to OTAs last week and now Scandrick is saying “not happening” to playing safety. Something has got to give here. Let’s take a frank look at the current situation Scandrick:

  • Carr was signed in free agency to a $50 million contract. So he can watch Scandrick play corner? To borrow a phrase, “not happening.”
  • Claiborne was drafted with the sixth pick in the draft and a 2nd round pick traded. So he can watch Scandrick play corner? Again, to borrow a phrase, “not happening.”
  • CB Mike Jenkins is looking to be traded but Jerry Jones has stated, “not happening”. If Jerry should hold true to his word, (I know it’s Jerry but it could happen) then Jenkins will likely play the 3rd corner spot.

So where would that leave you Scandrick? That safety-hybrid position looking a little better now?

Keep your options open Scandrick because if you think the way you performed last year is going to get it this year, it’s “not happening.”



2 thoughts on “Safety Postion? Cowboys Scandrick says, “Not Happeing”.

  1. Well stated…so what appeared to now be a real strength on this team may now be a problem? Only in Jerryworld!

    Based on their contract & where they were drafted, Brandon Carr & Mo Claiborne will be the starting CBs–and, if Jenkins decides to show up, he should be the #3 CB. Meanwhile Scandrick may want to reconsider learning that safety-hybrid position…

  2. Welcome to Jerrys World. It seems like the answer would be to trade one of the four and the obvious choice would be the disgruntled and injured Mr. Jenkins who happens to be in his last year of contract.

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