This Just In, Cowboys GM and Coach Aren’t on Same Page….

It should come as absolutely no surprise at all to anyone that Cowboys GM/Owner/part-time coach, Jerry Jones, isn’t on the same page as his defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

Jerry has recently entertained the idea of using 4 cornerbacks on the field at once but when asked about it, Rob Ryan didn’t appear so keen on the idea by saying,

 “I don’t know if we’ll do that” Ryan told Tim McMahon of ESPN Dallas.

Then as if Ryan recalled that his boss (Jones) had mentioned the idea, Ryan back peddled like a DB and said,

 “If we ever get in a need to play all those guys, then we can do that certainly.”

My Take on Ryans response: “I thought we were trading Jenkins?” “Oh well, since Jerry has already ran his big mouth about playing all four CBs, then I guess I could make it work if I have to.”  “Wish he would let me do my job and run the defense.”

What we have here is a lack of communication between GM and coach.

Jerry Jones role as GM too often overrides what the coaches are trying to get done on the field. Not the first time we have seen it and won’t be the last.  In this recent occurrence, Jerry seems determined (hell bent more like it) on squeezing another year out of CB Mike Jenkins rookie contract which is crowding things in the secondary a bit. The reasons for trading Jenkins out weigh the reasons to keep him in my view and I blogged on that topic HERE.

Playing four CBs on the field at the same time in the NFL is a bit unusual and it would appear that Jerry is in favor of the idea so he can put Jenkins to use. Problem is his defensive coordinator doesn’t appear to see the benefit of such a scheme.

Doctor Obvious says, “This organization would benefit from having GM and coach on the same page regarding personnel decisions.”