When it Comes to Conditioning, Martellus Bennett and Dez Bryant Just Don’t Get it.

Marty B. has been known to admire himself in the mirror.

Let’s begin with former Cowboy Martellus Bennett first:

After being released by the Cowboys and signed with the NY Giants, TE Martellus Bennett showed up for OTAs with an additional 26 pounds. His new weight is 291 while he was listed as 265 with the Cowboys last season. Marty B. got a little defensive about the extra weight questions and took off his shirt during an interview Monday asking, “Do I look fat?”

Now Marty’s question was of the rhetorical variety and not like wives occasionally asking their husbands when trying on clothes, “do I look fat?” Which more often than not leads to an argument. (Note to guys: just say no).

Marty B. also showed up to OTAs with a pulled hamstring which lead his new TE coach Mike Pope to comment about his new weight, “that’s probably a little too big for his legs to carry,” However Marty says he gained the additional weight because he “rocked it out” in the weight room during the off season. The old “muscle weighs more than fat,” line.

Marty, I don’t think it was the bench press that added 26 pounds but the eating and drinking that occurred in between lifting along with a complete lack of running or aerobic conditioning. If he were running like he should, then adding 26 pounds would be difficult. Face it Marty, you are out of shape and the Giants coaches will prove it to you when training camp starts in July.

As a professional athlete, team trainers will let you know exactly the playing weight you are expected to be when camp begins. So if you added 26 pounds without being instructed to by the team that is investing in you, then I would guess they aren’t real happy about it.

Unless you plan to move to offensive guard, (after all you have been told you are a good blocker) the extra weight is likely a liability. Your new TE coach may actually expect you to have enough speed to separate from LBs on pass routes but now at 291, you couldn’t separate from a nose tackle.

Giant fans you are going to love this under achiever next season.

Now for current Cowboy WR Dez Bryant:

Jerry Jones recently called out Dez for lack of production late in games and speculated it may be due to poor conditioning,

“When he would lose concentration in the last part of the game, I don’t know if that was because of conditioning. I suspect it could’ve been. That’s not (to) be critical, but I suspect that, rather (than) the injury (having) anything to do with that or not, those are the things that we’re working on so he can be more impactful in the latter part of the game, and we can do the kinds of things we need to do to get him the ball.”

Dez took offense and went to Twitter (as players tend to do these days) and pointed out that he has 3.1% body fat. That’s pretty impressive I suppose but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in great shape to play four quarters of pro football and give 100% effort each play. This is the same Dez that had the “lazy but talented” t shirts that he likes to wear.

Dez went on to say, “bro I eat burgers and pizza all the time.” Youth is on your side now Dez, but it won’t always be that way.

Frankly a more naturally gifted and talented WR in the NFL than Dez, you would be hard pressed to find. Blessed with good size, speed and great hands. But what is questionable is his work ethic and Cowboy fans can’t help but wonder just how good he could be if he really dedicated and applied himself to the game? Scary good I would say.

Commitment to excellence would include a better diet and conditioning program.

Often the difference between the NFL players that end up in Canton (Hall of Fame) and the ones who get labeled as “bust” picks are their commitment to work to become the best player they can possibly be.

Some have the burning desire to be remembered as great and some waste their opportunity at greatness by being undisciplined. Unfortunately, Dez and Marty B. have not decided they will be great yet.  Immaturity along with unprofessionalism and lack of commitment, will limit their achievements.