SMU WR Cole Beasley Early Surprise in Cowboys OTAs

SMU WR Cole Beasley

When the Dallas Cowboys did not resign WR Laurent Robinson in the off season, the slot receiver position became wide open for the taking. A lot of names were mentioned as possibilities. Jerry Jones suggested that practice squad resident Andre Holmes may be ready to step up which could happen.

The Cowboys also brought back WR Ogletree (much to the chagrin of fans) to compete for the spot and recently drafted VA. Tech slot WR Danny Coale in the 5th round. Unfortunately Coale broke his foot during early OTA workouts. He is expected to return by training camp.

One name you didn’t hear was Cole Beasley, an undrafted WR out of SMU.  Don’t feel bad for over looking this guy because Beasley is only 5 foot 8. However so far in OTAs this little guy is getting noticed out there on the field. Cowboys analyst Broaddus reported over hearing a front office member saying,

 “That Cole Beasley is going to make himself hard to cut”.

Everyday Beasley makes plays that are making him stand head and shoulders above the taller WRs that he competes with in OTAs.

One offensive coach called Beasley one of the “two best route runners on the team” right now, including the veterans. 

Now that’s saying something. Beasley brings experience playing the slot receiver while at SMU and he was coached by former Falcons head coach, June Jones. Clearly Jones helped prepare Beasley for the NFL which is getting him off to a much-needed quick start.

As senior at SMU, Beasley caught 86 catches for 1,040 yards and two touchdowns. The small guy with big effort appears to have a knack for finding holes in defenses and getting himself open. He said, “you really have to feel for holes in zones, especially playing the slot like I did. I feel like I have a good feel for it because of that.”

At only 5′, 8″, it’s easy to imagine defenses losing track of this guy running around out of the slot position. As long as Beasley gets noticed by the coaches, he has a chance to make the Cowboys roster.


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