Jerry Jones Still Spinning Jenkins Situation

Mike Jenkins was a show for the mandatory (or get fined $10,000 for missing) mini camp. He refused to talk to reporters and after camp, he is not going to continue his shoulder rehab in Valley Ranch which he has been asked to do. Jenkins is allowed to return to Florida to rehab but the problem is his rehabbing is evidently not going all that well.

Jenkins’ injured shoulder was examined by the Cowboys staff for the first time during camp and reports are he will likely be on the PUP (physically unable to perform) list at the start of training camp.

“The Cowboys continue to remain in the dark about what’s up with Jenkins’ shoulder,” Ian Rapoport wrote. “They know he injured it last year, then re-injured it, and is behind in his rehab compared to other guys on the team.”

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that Jenkins rehabilitation is not going as expected while he is in Florida and not communicating with Cowboys trainers and coaches.

However it should be annoying to fans that owner Jerry Jones can’t seem to get a freakin’ clue about this situation.

“I know he ultimately will get in a position to play because it’s not in his best interest,” Jones said. “I know that it’s just not in his best interest to not be ready to play, if it’s later we’ll use him later.”

Jerry, it wasn’t in his best interest to miss OTAs either but he had no problem blowing them off. (Only player to not attend) Donuts to dollars that Jenkins’ shoulder will not be ready to play at all when training camp starts.

Reports say NFL teams have shown an interest in trading for Jenkins so why has Jerry not traded him? If you had the opportunity to unload a CB with a bad shoulder and bad attitude, then by all means you should have done it! Don’t really need him all that much now anyway.  It’s starting to get a little weird.

It’s like Jerry is obsessed with making Jenkins honor the last year of his contract no matter what. But most of us can clearly see that Jenkins is not that interested in playing for Dallas next year.  Not after not getting paid (no contract extension) and being replaced with new players. A diminished role in the secondary does not have Jenkins psyched to be a Cowboy. Basically Jenkins wants to be paid or traded but Jerry refuses both.

Still Jerry tells us that Jenkins is cooperating and it’s all good with the Jenkins situation. Just not buying it.

Can Jerry not see the situation for what it is or is he trying to make a point of some kind?

To think Jenkins is on board with plans this year is delusional which Jerry has displayed before.  On the other hand, to try to make a point by making him play when he wants to be traded and could be traded, would take an egotistical nut……which Jerry has displayed too. Could be either I suppose.

Meanwhile keep spinning it Jerry. You’re right, Jenkins can’t wait to get to training camp to play his lesser role for less money than anyone else in the secondary. He is pumped!  That’s why he is down in Florida right now, instead of Valley Ranch, and not getting his shoulder better.

Go figure. I can’t.

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