#1 Cowboys Fan Carolyn Price a Training Camp Mainstay

For years, the title of Cowboys biggest fan had to go to Wilford “Crazy Ray” James the amusing and entertaining unofficial Cowboys mascot.  When the cameras showed Crazy Ray in the crowd up to his antics, like fighting the Redskins mascot, how could you not smile? He was one of a kind. Unfortunately Wilford passed away in 2007.

Torch is Passed:

If you watched the 2008 HBO “Hard Knocks” program, you may remember a small lady on the sideline screaming out player names. That little lady with the booming voice was the Cowboys current #1 fan, Carolyn Price. To say Mrs. Price is consumed with all things Dallas Cowboys, would be a huge understatement. The players certainly know who she is and they can’t help but hear her voice no matter how loud things get.

Mrs. Price and Romo.

It’s not necessarily that her voice is louder than everyone else, she just manages to hit a pitch with her voice that knives through the cacophony of fan chatter around her.  When she yells “Tony Romo!” rest assured he hears it and knows it is Mrs. Price.

Training camp is just a month away for the Cowboys and this year it will be in Oxnard, Ca. Some years it has been in San Antonio but no matter where it takes place, they can count on Mrs. Price to be shouting their names as they enter the practice field. A comfort to them that in a sport of constant change and fickle fans, they know Mrs. Price loves her some Cowboys.

Carolyn just needs a nickname.  Got to work on that part….


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