Cowboys With top Average Game Attendance as NFL Attendance Continues to Drop

NFL ticket sales have declined each of the past five years as TV viewership grows and is more popular than ever. Cowboys Stadium aka “Jerry’s World”, offers a three ring circus environment providing entertainment for everyone at the game. It just may be the future of the game in order to get fans in the seats. The enormous HD screen over the field in Cowboys Stadium seems very popular with fans.

Top and lowest team attendance based on percentage of stadium capacity:


The price to attend  an NFL game is not getting any cheaper as ticket prices averaged $77.34 last year up 7% in the past 4 years. While the economy may play a part in the attendance drop the last 5 years, the experience of watching games in home has never been more enjoyable.

The Advantages of watching NFL on TV:

  1. High Definition TV and large screen TVs in more homes that offer outstanding viewing of an excellent picture.
  2. Better TV coverage with multiple camera angles and impressive slow motion replay.
  3. Cleary it is convenient to watch in home and not have to travel to games where you pay an outrageous amount to just park five miles from the stadium. On a Sunday when no one uses the lots anyway!
  4. Sports announcers on TV to help explain the rules and offer injury reports etc. OK sometimes they serve up a Kornhauser type but hey, you have a mute button.
  5. While watching in my home, I’ve never had people spill beer on me, scream in my ears, and step on my feet every 10 minutes to go to the restroom/concessions. Just saying.
  6. Not to even mention the obnoxious fan at games that thinks he is a walking NFL rule book. And why does it always seem to be some nerd type who has never tackled anything in his life other than an Excel spreadsheet??

I could go on and on but you get the idea. Watching NFL games in your home has its advantages.

What is the NFL doing in the future to make fans want to actually attend the games?

An interesting article from the Wall Street Journal explains that the experience at NFL games may become more interactive. Microphones may be placed on certain players during the game so fans can listen to their comments and conversations. And perhaps even hear discussions of officials with coaches over penalties. An interesting concept for sure.  Free wi-fi at the games will offer replays on your Smart Phones. (Mr “NFL rules guy” mentioned earlier will love that)

At the rate things have been going in recent years, it’s not difficult for me to imagine NFL games of the future being played in a TV studio where the lighting, cameras, and audio can be perfectly controlled each game as we watch on our mega large screen, super Hi-Def, 3D TVs. It will be almost like being there only better. No need for billions spent on huge stadiums that create a tax burden for citizens.

The NFL has its work cut out for them to get fan attendance up as ticket prices steadily rise.