NFL Veterans Need a Symposium? 10 Offseason Arrests and Counting. Updated Daily with arrest!

The number of NFL players arrested in the offseason is not an easy number to keep up with. It’s getting so bad that the NFL Network needs to add “America’s Most Wanted” to its channel’s programing. The most recent arrest was Philadelphia Eagles RB Dion Lewis for falsely setting off fire alarms at a Hampton Inn at 4 AM Saturday. Reports indicate he and his brother were drunk at the time. (you think??)

Dion please. A Hampton Inn? Really? Come on man, you’re pulling enough coin to stay at a 4 star hotel with a lounge, you know like a true baller would. No wonder you and your home boy came back from the clubs empty handed. You got no game. Just saying.

Dion, maybe you can hook up with former NBA player Chucky Brown and go to a Red Lobster sometime. Referencing Jim Rome interview:

Rome’s first television show The Last Word, Rome interviewed former NBA player Chucky Brown, also a former CBA player, on the differences between the NBA and CBA. Brown would often say that players got very little meal money in the CBA and would often eat at fast food restaurants, while in the NBA players could afford to “go to Red Lobster, get you a nice meal.” Then, Isiah Thomas came on the show, and following Rome’s greeting, Isiah said, “My pleasure. I just got back from Red Lobster.”

I mean if you’re going to get in trouble at least “go big or go home” like Pac Man Jones who admitted he “blew a $1 million one weekend”.  You know, make it rain or something. Getting caught pulling a fire alarm at a Hampton Inn ranks you right up there with a 15 year old High School marching band member on his first over night field trip.

Lewis arrest comes just after we watched the TMZ video of the Vikings Adrian Peterson resisting arrest while drunk. At least the cops managed to do what most NFL defenses haven’t been able to do, corral Peterson.

An NFL rookie symposium was conducted recently to warn rookies to stay out of trouble but based on this offseason, perhaps the veterans should have been invited too. Guess Michael Irvin  also needs to scare some of these veterans straight. I’m counting 10 players arrested so far but there could be more than that.

In fact, the Detroit Lions have had so many players arrested in the offseason they plan to change their team colors to orange so after they play on Sundays, they can wear their jerseys to go pick up trash on Monday. (rim shot, “be here till Friday be sure to tip your waitress!”)

Six Lions arrested so far in the offseason:  Update: 7/22 Berry of Lion arrested AGAIN- LIONS CUT BERRY UPDATE 7/15: Elvis Dummervil arrested

UPDATE 7/16: Cowboys DEZ arrested.   UPDATE: 7/17: Marshawn Lynch Arrested        UPDATE: 7/19: Rams Robert Quinn DWI

UPDATE 7/20  Titans Kenny Britt DUI   Update 7/22 Chiefs Donald Washington DUI  Update 7/23 Giants Diehl drunk driving

Lions arrested this offseason
Date Player Reason for arrest
Jan. 23 Johnny Culbreath Marijuana possession
Feb. 18 Mikel Leshoure Marijuana possession
March 12 Mikel Leshoure Marijuana possession
April 3 Nick Fairley Marijuana possession
May 27 Nick Fairley DUI, trying to elude police
June 23 Aaron Berry DUI, hit and run

3 thoughts on “NFL Veterans Need a Symposium? 10 Offseason Arrests and Counting. Updated Daily with arrest!

  1. Glad to see some else is surprised or I mean disappointed with the NFL players both rookies and vets and their actions off the field. Do they not realize they represent not only themselves, but the franchise and city you play for, the NFL, and other players as well. It’s getting hard not to paint them with all the same brush. Time, right now to take action. Life coaches for each and every team, that will assist players in making the right choices. It’s not about you it’s about the game. No one individual is bigger or more important then the game they represent.

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