Morris Claiborne Displays Great Attitude but no Deal yet with Cowboys

Morris Claiborne is eager to get to training camp.

Last week Dallas Cowboys top pick Morris Claiborne said he was coming to camp even without a contract.

“I’m not in no hurry.  You hear a lot of talk about people saying I’m holding out.  No, I’m not holding out.  I’m going to camp signed or not signed.  It don’t matter.” –Morris Claiborne

Not exactly “show me the money” huh?

When speaking, I’ve noticed that Mo throws double negatives around like Peyton Manning tossing footballs during a 2 minute drill which only reinforces the stereo type assumptions associated with a low wonderlic score. But I digress…..

Willing to come to camp without a contract? Easy Mo, you’re speaking Jerry Jones language now. Lucky for you the new CBA will not let you come to training camp without a contract, in fact, RG III was a no show today at the Redskins rookie camp for the same reason.

But hey, you got to love this guy’s attitude and it’s why I think he is going to be a very good cornerback in the NFL. Mo really wants to play football and I find it very refreshing. He is pretty much the antithesis of CB Mike Jenkins who has a contract but appears to not want to play with the Cowboys. Blog about Jenkins.

At this point, none of the top 8 NFL picks have a contract. The 9th pick, Luke Keuchley, has signed a contract with the Panthers and it fully guaranteed his contract. So wouldn’t the 8 picks before him deserve the same guarantee language? Not sure what the hold up is about.

Seems like to me that conversation would go like this: Mo’s agent Bus Cook speaking, -“Luke was picked #9 and got a guaranteed contract so my client who was picked higher at #6 expects the same guarantee. Sign here Jerry.” “Thanks see you at camp.” “Go Cowboys!”

It is surprising to me that the Redskins would let rookie camp start without their rookie QB who is the anointed starter according to all involved. Being selected #2 overall makes it a given. Clearly a rookie QB needs all the practice reps available to prepare for the NFL.

Back to my man Mo, who has an attitude that I would like to see all Cowboy players have. I blogged earlier that I thought he would get signed by July 29 and I am sticking with that opinion. However it wouldn’t shock me to see him not be present when the rookie camp starts for Dallas, on July 25. That just might happen. The main thing is to get him in when the veterans come in the following week.

“I can’t wait,” said Claiborne but until this offset language gets ironed out, unfortunately I guess he will have to.

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