Martellus Bennett Talks Smack to Cowboys and Compares self to Gandhi.


Bennett rolls into Giants camp in a silver Bentley. 
Last season he had 17 catches, 144 yds. and 0 TDs.



“I just want to kick those guy’s asses,” former Cowboy and current NY Giant Martellus Bennett said, via the New York Daily News.

Just prior to that comment, Bennett expressed “ill feelings” toward his former team and “I don’t like a lot of people. I’m kind of an a–hole,” Bennett said. “I’m kind of pissed off about a lot.” He then said he had been self reflecting lately Gandhi style.

It may be one of the few times that you will ever hear someone deliver a self comparison to the peace loving, non violent, Gandhi just before talking about kickin’ some ass. Kind of ironic.

It’s official now, Bennett is no longer a Cowboy as he has adopted the Giants brazen attitude. He is the enemy.  Earlier he took some subtle shots at Romo his former QB which I blogged about here. But now he is taking the gloves off and swinging at the whole darn team.

I’m glad Bennett is providing the Cowboys some locker room bulletin board material. Based on what happened last season, I think this Cowboys team needs to roll into that Giants game on a mission and with something to prove. But will Bennett’s junk talk be enough to fire up this Cowboys team when they face the Giants in September?

I don’t know but as the southern colloquialism goes, “if this doesn’t fire you up, then your wood is wet!”

At the end of the 2011 season, the Cowboys had an opportunity to win the NFC East and make the playoffs but failed to take care of business against a Giants team that went on to bully their way into the Super Bowl and then won it.

Too often recently, the Cowboys have not demonstrated a killer instinct late in the game with a lead or an ability to come out and punch a team in the mouth (not literally but show up with a physical and highly motivated approach)  when they have been talking smack before the game.  Like for example when Brandon Jacobs called out Cowboys fans as obnoxious last December before their key NFC East show down.

Will the 2012 Dallas Cowboys be the team that comes out in the first game of the NFL season and punches the Giants in the mouth, or will Bennett just be the next Giants player that talks smack to Dallas and gets away with it?


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  1. Well, Bennett called it himself–calling himself an “a-hole”! This jerk just continues to add to the Cowboys’ locker room bulletin board material–and we fans just hope the Cowboy players get p-off enough to go into the Giants game on a mission to get a win and establish themselves as a team to contend with this season…

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