Jerry Jones Shooting off Mouth

Just when we finally got coach Rob Ryan to put a sock in his pie hole, Jerry Jones said “Y’all should come to that stadium and watch us beat the Giants’ ass.” Jerry was referring to Cowboys’ Stadium and not Giants Stadium where they will play on Sept. 5th. So is Jerry conceding defeat in that first meeting with the Giants ? Who knows with Jerry, who seemed to be seeking the spot light when NFL camps got under way this week.

These comments from Jerry occurred just after Rob Ryan had stated, “I’m gonna keep my mouth shut and work.” Good idea coach now if we could just get the owner on board with that approach.

Jerry is the team owner and can say what he wants was basically the reaction of Jason Garrett. I get it, he is the owner but providing the Giants bulletin board material is just as stupid for him as it was for Ryan who called out the Eagles last year as “all hype” team.

I think I speak for a lot of Cowboys fans when I say, hey Jerry, don’t let your mouth write checks that your ass uh, I mean team can’t cash.


2 thoughts on “Jerry Jones Shooting off Mouth

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t the owner be expected to lead by example–especially after his DC, Rob Ryan, just stated that he was going to keep his mouth shut?! Like you said, Jerry needs to not write checks that his team can’t cash!

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