“What’s Up Holmes”?

Andre Holmes evidently trained more for a marathon than football.

Wide Receiver Andre Holmes spent last year on the Dallas Cowboys practice squad but came into this season with high expectations. But after failing his conditioning test this week in the Cowboys preseason training camp, I can’t help but ask what’s up with that Holmes?

See after not resigning the highly productive Laurent Robinson, Jerry Jones assured fans it was all good by saying his replacement was already with the Cowboys.  He certainly implied it was Holmes who Jerry suggested was impressive on practice squad. Practice squad?? Makes me want to break into an Allen Iverson imitation. “We talkin’ bout practice squad”.

Holmes played at a small college, Hillsdale, which is why he went undrafted. His size is impressive at 6’5″ and 208 lbs. and he ran a respectable 4.45 time in the 40. So far he has not caught a pass in an NFL game.

So when Jerry let Robinson go to the Jags it was Andre Holmes big opportunity. The Cowboys drafted a WR, Danny Coale out of Va. Tech however he broke his foot at his first OTA. That left the door pretty much wide open for Jerry’s boy Holmes. An opportunity of a lifetime.

That’s what makes it so unbelievable that he would show up in anything but tip top shape but he didn’t. Holmes said that he trained by running long distances. What was he thinking? Can’t help but question his commitment.

Football particularly for a wide receiver, is a series of sprints which is what the conditioning test consisted of. As a WR, it’s critical that Holmes runs every route at full speed to not only get himself open but also draw coverage that will get teammates like Austin and Dez open. Can’t afford to have a guy running half speed to rest. Why Holmes thought jogging long distances would prepare him is anyone’s guess.

He passed that test on Wednesday but lost valuable time to practice with the team. Now he must impress some coaches in a hurry. Consider it your wake up call Holmes. Opportunities like this won’t occur every season so you better play the football of your life during the preseason games. You have got a lot to prove now.