Cowboys Changing of the Guards

Daniel Loper working out for guard desperate Cowboys.
“Hey he can run let’s sign him”.

In a move of desperation, the Cowboys signed veteran guards Derrick Dockery and Daniel Loper after working them out Friday. The Cowboys find themselves in such dire straits that I imagine the workout pretty much consisted of confirming that they can walk.

Injuries have depleted depth at guard early in preseason camp and it’s kind of discouraging when you consider they just practiced in their pads for the first time on Wednesday.  How will these guys hold up over 16 games? Can’t help but wonder?

Nate Livings injured what turned out to be a hamstring after a knee was reported initially. While it doesn’t appear to be a serious injury, he is out for a while. Nagy suffered a high ankle sprain that may keep him out of the first game while Bernadeau is still out after hip surgery. Guard David Arkin had to move over and try center and according to reports from camp Saturday morning, that isn’t going that well as he was snapping over QBs heads.

So bringing in veteran help was not optional, it was required. Dockery and Loper are both originally from Texas and have NFL experience as starters.

Dockery: Started last season for the Cowboys against the 49ers after an injury sidelined Nagy. That was one of the best games of the year for Dallas as they won the game in dramatic fashion in OT. Dockery was injured in that game as he suffered a sprained MCL in his right knee and a fractured tibia that kept him from playing again until late in the 2011 season.

Dockery was once a very solid guard however after 9 years of NFL play, he is certainly on the backside of his career and is not that durable. The Cowboys are probably just hoping to get enough play from him to get Livings back in the line up.

Loper: Loper has been in the NFL for 7 years and got most of his career starts in 2010 with the Raiders. That year the Raiders finished 6th in the NFL in number of sacks allowed.  I think Dallas just wants to get enough from these guys to get their younger guards healthy again.

Not to paint a grim picture but just over the horizon waits the NY Giants who have arguably the best defensive front in the NFL.