Cowboys Need a Center But Jason Garrett Sticking With Guys in House for Now

“Hey what you got to do to get a decent snap around here!”

In football every offensive play starts with the center to quarterback exchange but when it comes to the Cowboys, don’t assume that it will go as planned. Last year Dallas cut Andre Gurode to go with the younger Phil Costa who struggled with the shotgun snap early last year. Check out the VIDEO. It says it all.  And he is the best they have for this season.

Their backup centers Kowalski and Bill Nagy are injured so at camp this week they tried second year guard David Arkin as the second center. How that go? Not too good. It got so bad Coach Jason Garrett suggested in frustration, “cue the circus music.”

So let’s make sure we get the big picture. They only have one real center, Costa, and he would likely just be a backup on the other 31 NFL teams. If something happens to him, it can get real ugly quickly. So they need to sign a center right? There are free agent centers out there like veterans Andre Gurode (All Pro Dallas cut) and Jason Brown (played for Rams and Ravens).

However Jason says he feels it is best at this time to just go with the guys in house. Garrett expressed concern about the unemployed centers conditioning. Yeah, they probably won’t be in great condition, BUT they just might be able to snap the ball to the QB which the guys you have in house aren’t doing!

How in shape does a center have to be anyway? Not running around like a WR or RB. Just need to get the ball to Romo, lean on the fat slow nose tackle in front of you and walk back to the huddle.

Don’t be surprised if the Cowboys snaps get ugly Monday night against the Raiders and don’t be shocked if Andre Gurode’s phone blows up next week.

UPDATE 9/1/12: Cowboys add center from Dolphins Ryan Cook.