The Cowboys WR Position Rankings after First Preseason Game

Andre Holmes

The Cowboys version of “survivor” continues with the wide receivers in camp seeking a roster spot. In the Raiders game, the offense was almost non existent but there were some plays made and Andre Holmes certainly helped his case to be included on the roster. Last year Dallas kept 6 WRs and I think they likely will again.

My ranking of the WRs (other than Dez and Miles) based on practices and the preseason game.  Rankings Last week

1. Kevin Ogletree (last week 2.): The 3rd WR spot is his position to lose and I just don’t think anyone has grabbed it away from him yet. Not an outstanding performance in the Raiders game but he did have 1 catch for 12 yards. Ogletree is barely holding on to the top spot.

2. Cole Beasley (last week 3): He ran with the 1st team in the game however Romo didn’t have enough time to handoff the ball so throwing passes was almost impossible. Beasley had no catches but did take care of punt return duty. He had one return for 16 yards which is almost as good as anyone did the whole season last year. Appeared to be an adequate punt returner. Beasley holds on to number two based on his camp performance so far, but we need to see catches in a game.

3. Dwayne Harris (last week 1.): Harris got off to a fast start in camp but has been quiet lately and that’s not good. He had one catch in the game for 13 yards and drew a defensive pass interference call against the Raiders on one route. Harris needs to make plays in the next game.

4. Andre Holmes (last week 7.): Holmes led all receivers in the game with 3 catches for 40 yards and is my biggest mover this week. Andre showed us why he received hype before the season and why being a 6-5 receiver has its advantages in the NFL. Keep it up Holmes and you will make the roster.

5. Tim Benford (last week 4): Benford caught one pass for 9 yards in the game in limited action. He impresses in camp and finds himself on the bubble currently. Benford needs more opportunities in the next game.

6. Raymond Radway(last week 5) : No catches or throws his way makes Radway forgettable. Needs to take advantage of all opportunities at this point.

7.  Danny Coale (last week 6): Finally returned last week from a broken foot. He did not play in the first preseason game. A very promising prospect who just hasn’t had the chance to show his stuff yet with the injury. Danny must get on the field to move up my rankings.

8. Kemp and Hakim: These two are fading away out of the picture quickly.