“Child Please”: Chad Johnson was shown the Door for 2 Reasons and his Arrest Wasn’t One of them.

“Coach is it because of my arrest?” “No Chad, of course not. This is the NFL. It’s because you suck as a wide receiver.”

Chad Johnson was released by the Dolphins after his arrest for allegedly head butting his wife during an argument. That makes it appear that the Dolphins aren’t putting up with any junk but if that were the case, then why they bring him in to begin with? He already had a reputation as a “class clown” and problem child.

Chad was as good as gone anyway and here are the two reasons why:

1. He couldn’t get open.

2. He couldn’t catch the ball.

To play wide receiver in the NFL, teams will expect you to get open and to catch the ball which Chad just wasn’t doing at practice or in their first preseason game. Against the Bucs in the Dolphins first preseason game, Johnson had no catches as one pass went right through his hands on a slant pattern.

On HBO, the show “Hard Knocks” chronicled Chad’s struggles to get open at practice and clearly made the case that he wasn’t getting it done on the field. Add some major off field drama, and Chad’s fate was likely sealed before the domestic drama. The Dolphins coach said it just wasn’t a good fit and he was referring to what was happening on the field.

In school, it may be fine to be the “class clown” as long as you can make the teacher laugh too. But if the teacher isn’t laughing, then you are in trouble.

And in the NFL, teams tend to put up with some foolishness as long as those players help them win games but if that player can’t help them win, then it’s just not funny and you are in trouble. That’s what happened to Chad. The charges against him are serious but there have been many players arrested recently who are still on their team’s roster.

Must admit, I’m going to miss Chad on “Hard Knocks” as I enjoyed his antics over the years going back to when the Bengals were on the show. He made it very entertaining.

Anyway, all of this has taught Chad Johnson one very important life lesson:

Don’t ever keep a condom receipt. EVER! (Just buy them from the condom dispenser in the men’s bathroom)

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