What’s up with Cowboys’ Felix “the cat” Jones?

Felix “the cat” Jones not off to a quick start in 2012.

Running back Felix Jones burst onto the scene for the Dallas Cowboys in 2008 as a rookie who finished the season with a sick rushing average of 8.9 yards a carry. No one thought he could bring his 8.7 average yards per carry at Arkansas in 2007, to the NFL but Felix did it. That’s why I called him Felix “the cat” because of the cat like quickness he displayed when running the ball. ‘Felix the cat’ was actually a cartoon character created back in the 1920’s.

Felix was probably never meant to be the every down back as he backed up the outstanding every down back and Oakland Raider Darren McFadden at Arkansas. But coming in the game to provide an offensive spark was his specialty. Get Felix on the corner and he was in the endzone quickly.

Initially he came in games to compliment Marion Barber but in 2010 Felix’s carries increased significantly to 185 which were the most carries he ever had in his professional or college career. That year his average per carry dropped back down to earth at 4.3 average yards a carry.

In baseball terms, Felix makes a nice change up. Can’t throw it every pitch or it becomes ineffective but used as a compliment to a fast ball then it strikes batters out. Felix could come in and get that big play for Dallas but he just was never meant to be the grind it out 20 carries a game Emmitt Smith type.

Felix- Latin word meaning “Lucky”

When it came to injuries Felix has been UN-Felix. in other words not lucky at all, as the latin meaning of his name would suggest.

In the 2011 season, Felix suffered shoulder and ankle injuries which limited his play and opened the door for rookie running back DeMarco Murray. Murray made the most of the opportunity as he appeared to be a future star for Dallas until a broken ankle ended his season too. Last year Felix finished with 575 yards and a 4.5 per carry average.

2012 Felix OFF to Slow Start

Felix came into the Cowboys training camp and failed his conditioning test which raised eyebrows. He eventually passed that test but if you have read any of the live tweets from camp, you know that Felix has dropped several passes and has in general been very unimpressive. In the first preseason game against the Raiders Felix dropped an easy screen pass and rushed for 4 yards on 2 carries. The offensive line created no room to run but still Felix didn’t look like a cat in that game. Looked more like a turtle. Felix the turtle just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

So what’s wrong with Felix this year? He says the injuries have healed and he is ready to go but it doesn’t look like it. Did the injuries slow him a bit and are they taking a toil on his body?

Murray will be the primary back this year for Dallas but it is very possible if not likely, that he could get injured again and force Dallas to turn to Felix. Right now based on what we have seen, I just don’t think Felix Jones is going to be a good option behind Murray.

Third string RB Phillip Tanner is out with surgery on a broken finger and after Tanner, Dallas is auditioning a few rookies for the 4th spot. Better hope nothing happens to Murray because Felix Jones is just not looking like Felix these days.

Cowboy fans can only hope that Felix “the cat” makes a return this year. I think they will need him.