Cole Beasley versus Danny Amendola in Cowboys and Rams preseason game.

Cole Beasley finds a hole in the Chargers secondary.

Cole Beasley finds a hole in the Chargers secondary. [/caption

When the Dallas Cowboys play the St. Louis Rams Saturday night in a preseason game, you may notice a couple of guys on opposite teams that resemble each other. Both are under 6 feet tall and play wide receiver. And both are very quick with good hands too. The 2 players will kind of mirror each other on the field and their careers have been similar as well.

In 2008, Danny Amendola was an undrafted rookie wide receiver out of Texas Tech trying to make the Dallas roster. This season Cole Beasley is an undrafted wide receiver out of SMU that is trying to make the Dallas roster. In 2008, Amendola ended up on the Cowboys practice squad at the end of preseason and ultimately found his way to the Rams team as a very productive WR and punt returner. That’s where Beasley wants to go as well but with the Cowboys instead of Rams let’s all hope.

During training camp, Beasley has been a pleasant surprise making plays and in the last preseason game against the Chargers, Beasley showed Cowboy fans what he can do. Last week in the Chargers game Beasley was the Cowboys leading WR with 7 catches for 104 yards.  Last week Amendola was the Rams leading WR against the Chiefs with 3 catches, 58 yards and a TD.

In 2010, Danny Amendola had a very good season for the Rams producing 689 receiving yards and 3 TDs.  He also is an effective punt returner which Beasley does too by the way. But in 2011, season ending triceps surgery cut Amendola’s season short so in 2012 he would appear to have something to prove. He doesn’t want to appear to be a one season wonder.

Danny has certainly been practicing with intensity as he was mixing it up with rookie CB Janoris Jenkins this week.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Danny Amendola mixing it up with Jenkins at practice.

Cole Beasley comes into the Rams game with something to prove as well. While he had impressive numbers last week in the Chargers game, critics could say that is just one game and a lot of the production occurred late in the game primarily against back up players. Beasley needs to have a good game and prove that he can help this Cowboys team right now and should be on the roster. He doesn’t want to be known as a one game wonder.

Amendola was a player that the Cowboys should have held on to. We know that now but I think Danny will want to remind Dallas of that in the time that he is on the field Saturday night. I also think he will want to show his team that the injury is behind him and he is ready to go.

Keep your eyes on these two guys from Texas in the Cowboys/Rams preseason game. They took similar paths to get here and they are motivated to prove themselves once again.