Cowboys Preseason WR Battle Update: We have a New Leader After Rams Game

So far this season Kevin Ogletree has done just enough to stay in front of the competition but Saturday night against the Rams, Dwayne Harris came roaring from behind with 2 TDs and 118 yards receiving.

Dwayne Harris pulling away from the pack.

Like a sprinter that fails to run through the finish line, it seems Ogletree had a lead and was cruising at the end when Harris darted by him at the finish line to grab the 3rd WR spot.  I don’t know who coach Garrett or WR coach Robinson will decided to put in the third WR spot, but in my view, Harris earned it Saturday night.

Two plays stand out in my mind.

1) Early in the game in the red zone with an opportunity to help his team, Ogletree displayed “alligator arms” on a slant pattern and the pass was incomplete. Got to make that play for your team and not worry about getting hit.

2) After making a catch, Dwayne Harris faced 2 Ram defenders between he and the endzone. Instead of going out of bounds like many WRs will do, Harris in Marion Barber fashion (the Barbarian version), lowered his shoulders, split the two defenders and dived into the endzone for a TD. Now that is the kind of effort you can win with.

With only one preseason game left Wednesday night, and just a week before the Giants game, I can’t imagine that Harris, Ogletree or Beasley will play an awful lot in the meaningless game with the Dolphins. I’ve operated under the assumption that Dallas will keep 6 WRs however there is discussion that Dallas may actually keep 7 this year which would be unusual. If so, Holmes and Coale would likely make the roster too.


Beasley- 10 catches 144 yards

Benford- 1 catch 9 yards

Coale- 1 catch 8 yards

Harris- 8 catches 173 yards 3 TDs

Holmes- 6 catches 58 yards

Ogletree- 10 catches 147 yards

MY WR RANKINGS AFTER 3 PRESEASON GAMES (excludes Austin and Bryant)

1. Dwayne Harris (last week 3): Harris had a coming out party in the endzone in the Rams game. Currently he is tops in yards and TDs with 3 TDs. In fact, he is the only WR in this WR contest to have a TD at all. Harris provides the best option for punt return and as far as I’m concerned, he has earned the 3rd starting WR spot. His big play ability will place additional stress on opposing secondaries trying to deal with Dez.

2. Kevin Ogletree (last week 1): Not a bad game from Ogletree but certainly not the kind of game that Harris brought to the table. The “alligator arms” incident didn’t impress me. Ogletree is a solid option for the 3rd WR spot but I just think Harris brings more big play Mojo to it.

3. Cole Beasley  (last week 2.): Beasley displayed good quickness and made a nice one hand grab on a pass. He is a nice find for Dallas and should make the roster. I think his best football is ahead as he will develop into quite a weapon for Romo as the season progresses.

4. Andre Holmes (last week 4.): Another quiet game for Holmes who is now facing competition from a healthy Danny Coale. I think Dallas wants to keep Holmes but it may be tough to do it.

5. Danny Coale (last week 7): Finally Danny gets some action and he made a catch for 8 yards. Nice to see him playing now. Clearly he is behind a lot of the competition due to the injury set back but he has one more preseason game to impress. I believe the Cowboys plan to keep Coale on the roster but I’m not sure how they will accomplish that just yet.

6. Tim Benford (last week 5): No catches again this week. He did make a tackle on special teams.

7. Raymond Radway (last week 6): Unfortunately Radway failed to capitalize on a couple of passing opportunities during the Rams game. It’s just not looking good for Radway.

8. Kemp and Hakim: Kemp with an injury probably gone. Hakim saw a little action in Rams game.

2 thoughts on “Cowboys Preseason WR Battle Update: We have a New Leader After Rams Game

  1. Wow! Second-year WR Dwayne Harris put on a show with 2 spectacular TDs in last night’s preseason game. With that performance, he leads all WRs in yards and is the only one to score any TDs this preseason.
    Ogletree, despite his “alligator arms” non-catch, will probably be the #3 WR but as you pointed out, Harris showed that his big-play ability can definitley add stress to opposing secondaries!
    Meanwhile the o-line, with both Livings & Bernadeau now able to play, performed much better–opening holes for the RBs & giving Romo more time to do his thing. Can’t wait to see the whole cast playing together–when Austin, Bryant & Witten are able to play again…

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