Cowboys Cut Stephen McGee: Add Tight End and Center

Cowboys claim Bengals TE Colin Cochart off waivers.

Friday night it looked like QB Stephen McGee survived the last cuts and would be the 3rd QB on the roster however on Saturday, the Cowboys cut McGee to make room for a TE they claimed off waivers that the Bengals cut.

Colin Cochart was signed by the Bengals in 2011 as an undrafted TE from South Dakota State. Last year he made 5 catches for 44 yards and 1 TD. He is considered a good redzone target and a decent blocker. Colin now gives the Cowboys 4 TEs on the roster along with Witten, Phillips, and Hanna.

Does this mean NO Jason Witten Wednesday night against the Giants?

Currently Witten is considered a game time decision Wednesday night. Reports have indicated that it looks doubtful that Witten will be cleared to play but it also has been reported recently that he is practicing some. REPORT   Without Witten, the Cowboys would have only had 2 TEs prior to picking up Cochart. So Cochart was needed for some insurance in the scenario that Witten is not able to play Wednesday night.

Cowboys Trade for Dolphins Center Ryan Cook

The Cowboys traded their 2013 seventh round pick to the Dolphins for 7 year center Ryan Cook. This move makes sense to me. Their 7th round picks rarely contribute anyway and the Cowboys are really hurting at the center position right now. I felt they should have drafted a center but they didn’t.

Kevin Kowalski injured an ankle and was placed on the PUP list. Last year’s starting center, Costa, has been out with an injured back but is expected to play against the Giants. But even when healthy, Costa gives fans and coaches a lot of reason to worry based on last year’s play.

In desperation, Arkin has learned to play center recently and has actually done a pretty good job considering his inexperience there. The Cowboys could certainly use Cook who is a veteran guard that was a 2nd round pick in 2006 by the Vikings. The Dolphins picked him up in 2011 and he actually was the center playing against the Cowboys on Wednesday night.

Coach Garrett has had his eyes on Cook as he said,

“We’ve liked him. We’ve evaluated him in the past when he was available, and we keep an eye on those kinds of guys. We understood that there was going to be a little bit of a glut down there of offensive linemen, and he might be available to us. Again, we evaluated him the other night in the ball game that he played against us. We’re going to try to get him in here and see how he fits. He does have history and experience snapping the football, and that’s certainly an asset for him. But his position flex throughout the offensive line and his experience as an offensive lineman certainly helps him.”

Cook practiced with the Cowboys on Saturday and may play very soon. With what the Cowboys currently have at center, Cook wouldn’t exactly have to be an all pro center to come in and be the best option at center for Dallas.