Why I think Jason Witten will Play in Giants Game Tonight

First of all my disclaimers:

1. Jason Witten is considered a game time decision tonight as far as playing goes. It likely has not been decided yet.

2. I’m not in the know.

3. I don’t necessarily agree that it is a good idea for him to play with such a serious injury but it’s not up to anyone but Witten once doctors give him clearance to play. My advice would be heal up and try to play later in the season.

Having said all that, I do think Witten will be on the  field tonight against the Giants and here is why:  *update below*

After getting the CT scan for Wiiten’s injured spleen yesterday, the Cowboys were very quiet and didn’t share the results. However let’s look at what they did with the information which offers clues.

1) Witten went to NJ as opposed to staying in Dallas.

2) The Cowboys cut TE Colin Cochart whom they had just picked up over the weekend. Colin represented insurance if Witten couldn’t play. Dallas will only have two TEs tonight if Jason doesn’t play. They would like a minimum of 3 which Colin offered if the test had ruled Witten out.

3) Jason has indicated if cleared to play by doctors, he would play.

4) Earlier QB Tony Romo gave his opinion that he thinks Witten will play. Who would know better than he?

Yes I’m forming an opinion based on circumstantial evidence but that’s pretty much all we have to go on right now. Had that test results come back yesterday and forced the doctors to tell Jason “you can’t play”. Then I think Cochart would be on the roster today for insurance.

TOLD YOU!  Update: Witten playing tonight. (if you’re not following this blog, you are settling for getting info. after the fact)