Salsa Dance Cancelled: Cowboy Fans “Eat Drink and be Murray”

What a difference 8 months can make. And what a difference a healthy DeMarco Murray can make for the Dallas Cowboys.

Back in January, Victor Cruz was lighting up the Cowboys secondary and doing his little TD celebration dance. If you’re a Cowboys fan, you never wanted to see that dance again. This was a rare Wednesday night NFL game and is Wednesday night really a good night for dancing? The Cowboys secondary didn’t think so.

In their last meeting, the Cowboys had to battle the Giants without their young star running back Murray so the Cowboys only had a total of 46 yards rushing from RBs Jones and Morris combined. Last night Murray had 48 yards on one carry! That’s why Wednesday night was the night for Cowboys fans to celebrate.

On that 48 yarder, Murray gave us a Barry Sanders-ish type run that was something to see. He took a pitch to the right then stopped to go back left where he was grabbed by a Giant defender. Murray twisted right out of that tackle swung back to the right, got on the sideline and sprinted for 48 yards. Murray showed tremendous determination and instincts all night slashing and finding openings where none appeared.

Murray finished with 131 yards in the game and kept the Giants pass rush in check which allowed Romo to get his opportunities to exploit a depleted Giants secondary. Being able to run the ball also shortened the game a bit keeping Eli Manning on the sideline, where Cowboy fans prefer to see him, while also allowing the defense to take a much needed breather. Having a healthy DeMarco Murray was key to the Cowboys winning. Without him, I think this game is much closer and may have had a different outcome.

Victor Cruz “Dancing with the Stars” audition canceled:

Cruz certainly had his touches in the game but they were less productive catching 6 passes for 58 yards compared to the last game when Cruz had 6 catches for 178 yards. That’s 120 less yards this time. The Cowboys revamped and improved secondary effectively kept Cruz in front of them not allowing the big play that results in Cruz scoring a TD and going into that salsa dance that Cowboy fans have learned to loathe.

The salsa dance was cancelled Wednesday night by Carr, Claiborne and Scandrick. Cruz had several unusual drops in the game too. May have been a little too eager to get his dance on perhaps?

Don’t take it the wrong way Cruz, it’s not that Cowboys don’t enjoy a dance occasionally but tonight was a night to just eat drink and be Murray.


One thought on “Salsa Dance Cancelled: Cowboy Fans “Eat Drink and be Murray”

  1. “Eat, drink and be Murray”…I love it! DeMarco Murray’s success was a key component to the Cowboys’ ability to have a more balanced offensive attack. This helped take some of the pressure off of Tony Romo and Romo’s uncanny ability to scramble, extend and execute plays all combined for a huge win for the Cowboys–against the SB-champion Giants in THEIR house!
    Then with Witten in the game, along with Dez & Miles, the Giants were forced to play Ogletree in single coverage and he made the most of his opportunities–with 8 catches & his first 2 TDs. The Cowboys’ revamped defense also stepped up–keeping the Giants out of the endzone after the INT and limiting them to 17 pts. All in all, it was a great victory & start to the season for the ‘Boys–and us fans…

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