NFL Week 1 Games Generate More Questions Than Answers

While I would like to talk about what we learned from the first week of NFL action, it’s what we don’t know yet, that is more intriguing. Every season in the first week we see NFL teams that are actually better than anticipated and on the other hand, teams that aren’t as good as the previous year.

The first week created a lot of questions:

Saints defense that bad or Redskins that good?

Did anyone see this Super Dome shocker coming? Yes, the Saints were without their coach and the Redskins had their top draft pick QB RGIII, but it was his first NFL game. Often, experienced QBs who are very good struggle playing in New Orleans. But the Saints defense was about as effective in stopping RGIII as the New Orleans levees are at preventing floods in a hurricane. Should change their name to N.O. Levees after RGIII blew through.

Are the Redskins for real this year? Their defense played well too and I was impressed enough to move the Redskins up 10 spots in my NFL Rankings.  Are the Saints in for a bad year without their head coach? Did offseason changes and distractions take their toll?

Jets offense bad as we saw in preseason or is the Bills defense just that awful?

The Jets offense could only manage to score one TD in the preseason then explodes for 48 points in their first game! The most points of any NFL team in week 1. They had a total of only 31 points in four preseason games averaging less than 8 points a game. Could anyone see this coming?

Were the Jets sandbagging on offense (using Tebow as a smoke screen) in preseason games or are the Bills getting ready to set NFL records for points allowed in a season?

Eagles under achievers again in 2012 or Browns ready to play pro football this year?

Let’s face it, last year was a disappointment for the Eagles who boasted a dream team roster. Sunday the Eagles struggled against the Browns who had a rookie QB tossing them 4 INTs. Problem was, Vick was giving it back to them as he had a terrible game throwing 4 picks too.

Are the Browns just a better team than everyone realizes or are the Eagles and Vick in for another frustrating season?

Are Tampa Bay Buccaneers improved that much or were Cam Newton and Carolina Panthers exposed for who they really are?

Last year Panthers’ QB Cam Newton was the darling of the NFL and the Panthers crushed the Bucs in two games while the Bucs were losing 10 in a row.  Sunday the Bucs came out playing smash mouth football and the Panthers didn’t look ready for it at all. Prior to the season, the Bucs brought in a new head coach, drafted physical safety Mark Barron (who jacked up Steve Smith on the sideline Sunday), obtained physical guard Carl Nicks and are displaying a style of football similar to when they won a Super Bowl years ago.

Expectations are pretty high in Charlotte for the Panthers but they only managed to score 10 points in the opener. Cam will get his stats this season but for the Panthers to win, he must eliminate the turnovers. Are the Panthers in for a reality check this season or are the Bucs going to rise up in the NFC south in 2012?

Time will tell us which teams had a bad week and which ones are just not as good as we thought…..