These 7 NFL Teams Can’t Afford an 0-2 Start

PLAYOFFS? Maybe not for these teams that have an 0-2 start.

It’s early in the season and we have only played one of 16 games so it’s not the end of the world to start 0-1 right? True, but starting 0-2 feels a lot different to teams who have post season expectations. Once a team is 0-2, if they win half of their remaining 14 games, they will finish the season with a losing record and only 7 wins. Probably not good enough to make the post season.

Not saying that being 0-2 means you can’t make the playoffs but when playoffs are mentioned, coaches will do their Jim Mora imitation, “playoffs!?” VIDEO CLIP.

  • NFL History indicates that only 12% of teams starting the season 0-2 make the playoffs. The “So you’re telling me there’s a chance”, quote comes to mind from the movie “Dumb and Dumber” VIDEO. But those aren’t very good odds when you think about it.
  • Last season all 7 teams that started the season 0-2, finished with losing records. (Colts, Vikings, Panthers, Rams, Chiefs, Seahawks, Dolphins)

PACKERS: Thursday night the Packers were facing an 0-2 start and came out and took care of business against their division rival Bears 23-10.

Here are 7 other teams that will fight very hard to be 1-1 at the end of week 2:

1 and 2. Saints/Panthers: I combined these two teams because they will be playing each other on Sunday in a battle of teams that have high expectations but are looking at being 0-2. The Saints made the post season last year and the Panthers feel with Cam Newton they could squeeze into a wildcard in 2012 perhaps.

It should be a hard fought division game with even a little playoff feel to it because the Saints and Panthers were disappointed in week 1 and have no interest in finding themselves in a 0-2 hole early in the season. Fact is, one of them will be 0-2.

3.  Bengals: The Bengals are 0-1 after the Ravens dressed them down last week. This week they play a Browns team that played the Eagles surprisingly tough so this may not be a given for the Bengals who made the playoffs last year. I’m sure the Bengals consider this a game they must win but the Browns do appear improved over last year particularly on defense. Can the Bengals afford to start 0-2?

4. Raiders: The Raiders just missed the playoffs last year and with a new coach, optimism can be found. They lost at home against division rival the Chargers last week and now face a Dolphins team that is really struggling. If the Raiders have any hope of getting a wildcard spot this season, they will have to take care of business with the Dolphins and avoid an 0-2 start.

5. Giants: The defending super bowl champs were beaten by the Cowboys in the first game of the NFL season at home which puts them at 0-1. Now they host a Buccaneers team that played a very physical game last week in defeating the Panthers. This looks like it will not be an easy game for the Giants at all but when you look at their schedule, they must beat the Bucs Sunday. The Bucs new coach Greg Schiano, was coaching at Rutgers last year which is not far from where this game will be played.

This game looks like it will be a physical war that the Giants will need to come out victorious or find themselves in a 0-2 hole.

6. Steelers: The Steelers were a playoff team last year and started the season 0-1 losing to Manning and the Broncos Sunday night. While the Steelers are playing their way through some injuries and trying to avoid an 0-2 start, they face a Jets team that would appear to have a better offense than everyone expected after putting up 48 against the Bills. The Steelers play in a tough division so they need to pick up every win they can in the AFC outside of their division which Sunday is an opportunity.

7. Seahawks: Last season the Seahawks nearly made the playoffs and this year with talented rookie QB Russell Wilson, they hope to improve and produce a winning record. Last week the Seahawks lost a tough division game to the Cardinals so now they face an improved Cowboys team. To avoid going 0-2, the Seahawks need to win this home game but it will be challenging to say the least.

Starting the season 0-2, will put these 7 teams in a real up hill climb to make the post season.