Cowboys Sign Punter: Bears’ Devon Hester to have a Big Game?

Dallas Cowboys punter Chis Jones has a sprained knee and it’s not clear if he will play Monday night against the Bears. This week Dallas signed recently released punter Brian Moorman from the Bills which may indicate Jones is not playing. Moorman has had an outstanding career as a punter but he simply isn’t what he use to be.

In three games with the Bills, Moorman has a higher per punt average 45.5 than Jones at 42.5 however stats indicate that Moorman has been kicking line drives this year.

No Hang Time:

His net average of 32.7 is one of the lowest in the NFL and a career low for him. Another indication that Moorman’s hang time is suffering is that he has no fair catches this season. One of a few punters who can make that claim. In addition, the Bills have allowed more punt return yards this season (172 yards)  than any team in the NFL. Those numbers will get a punter cut from a team.

Good news for Hester?

The Cowboys face one of the best punt returners in the game Monday night in Devon Hester of the Bears. He is the NFL all time TD leader in punt returns. If Moorman kicks line drives to Hester which are difficult to cover, it could allow Hester an opportunity to break open what is expected to be a close game.

Suggestion: If Moorman plays in place of Jones, have him practice punting shorter and higher than usual (fair catches are good with Hester) or just punt toward the sideline out of bounds.