Bears Did What the Bears Do While Cowboys Search For an Identity.

It was a Monday Night Football game that provided contrasts as the Bears did what the Bears do and left the Cowboys still searching for an identity.

As Coach Dennis Green once stated in frustration as well as it can be said, “the Bears are who we thought they were”.  But who were these guys running around with stars on their helmets? The Bears were physical and opportunistic as they have been for years now but who are the 2012 Cowboys?

Cowboys Stadium was buzzing about the new Victoria Secrets store opening at the stadium and during the game, it often sounded like there were more Bears fans at the game than Cowboys fans. On the TV broadcast at least. It provided an odd sound contrast as there were cheers in Cowboys Stadium when the Cowboys screwed up and they did plenty of that. It was strange.

The stadium doesn’t seem to know if it wants to be a mall or a football stadium just like the Cowboys struggle through their own identity crisis. It’s getting a little confusing.

Then there were the players wearing pink, which is certainly for a noble cause of breast cancer awareness, but all the pink just makes me want to adjust the tint or color on my TV.

The “Monsters of the Midway” don’t appear quite as intimidating running around in whimsical pink ballerina looking shoes. The term “Metrosexuals of the Midway” comes to mind.

But make no mistake about it, the Bears defense wasn’t caught up in all the hoopla. They came to disrupt Romo and his offense and they did just that very thing.  No identity crisis from that Bears defense.

Amongst all the pink and push up bras in Cowboys Stadium, there was an NFL football game being played that also provided stark contrasts as well.

I find it as easy to like Romo as I find it easy to not like Cutler. Cutler’s personality (or perhaps lack of one) makes Romo appear much more likeable however this was not a hollywood movie, it was a football game and Cutler far out played Romo on this night. The nice guy finished last in this game.

Now Romo defenders are going to be quick to point out that his 5 interception (a personal record) weren’t all his fault as it appeared obvious on the first pick 6 that he and WR Dez Bryant weren’t on the same page.

That may be true but can we have an estimate as to win Romo and his WRs are going to completely grasp this offense? This kind of preseason football miscommunication has been going on for a while now and the Bears better known for their defense, certainly didn’t seem to have a problem like that in this game between Cutler and WR Marshall.

Late in the game where the term “mop up duty” applies, Cowboys back up QB Orton came into the game and lead the Cowboys right down the field for a late TD. Now am I suggesting we have a QB controversy brewing in Big D? No not really but the ease of which Orton lead the offense down the field throwing 9 0f 10 completions, was a stark contrast to the struggles that Romo encountered. Just sayin’.

The Cowboys defense which was the pride of the team coming into this game, was exploited too. They could barely manage to sack Cutler 2 times and this was a QB that had been sacked a lot coming into the game. And when Cutler completed passes, the revamped Dallas secondary was no where to be found.

On the TD pass to Hester, Claiborne the top draft defensive back pick for Dallas was turned around and lost by Hester’s move. When Hester caught the ball in the endzone, there wasn’t a Cowboys defender any where to be found in the picture. They must have all been in the new Victoria Secrets doing some early Christmas shopping for their significant other.

The 2012 Cowboys secondary was to be different from the 2011 secondary but it appeared to be the same script but with a different cast on this night. Same results but only the names have changed.

Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall made the Cowboys 50 million dollar free agent CB Brandon Carr look over matched and out classed Monday night.   Marshall finished the game with 7 catches, 138 yards and a TD. When Dallas paid 50 million for Carr, I don’t think this is what they had in mind.

This was just one game and the season is not over yet for Dallas. They still find themselves 1-0 in the NFC East and there are 12 more games ahead. But as the Cowboys head into their bye week, there must be some soul searching going on before their next game as they try to establish who they will be in 2012. Are they the Cowboys who took care of business opening night against the Giants or are they the clumsy team that the Bears exploited?

Next up will be a trip to face the Ravens, who like the Bears, are another team that knows what they are and will be a physical tough football team. So don’t be fooled if the Ravens show up wearing pink shoes. They are who you think they are.


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  1. The Bears and Romo are who we thought they’d be. They’re who we thought they would be! :).

  2. I’ve waited for years for Dallas to return to domination. I just don’t see it while Jones is owner. We need a cleansing from the owner down!

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