Garrett Reviews 5 Interceptions But Assigns No Accountability. We Can Expect More of The Same..

After the Monday night Bears beat down and Romo debacle, like many Dallas fans, I was concerned about this team. Today after reading Head coach Jason Garrett’s breakdown of the 5 interceptions, now I’m REALLY concerned.

We don’t know what Jason said to Romo or his players behind close doors and maybe it was different from what we get in a press conference, but I found this very weak. There is a profound lack of accountability and that makes me think it’s not going to get better this season. If no one is at fault, then how will it get better?

Jason said of the first pick 6:

“The first interception was a miscommunication with our quarterback and our receiver not seeing the leverage in the coverage of the corner the same way. Tony thought Dez was going to run a hitch, Dez saw it as press coverage and he adjusted and went deep around the corner, and Tony had to cut the ball loose. There was pressure by them, and they just didn’t see it the same way and that resulted in that interception.”

My take:

OK so they saw it differently, after watching film coach who got it right? Either Dez or Romo blew it. Going forward what is being done to make sure it doesn’t happen again? I just don’t see any accountability here and that is concerning. We can expect some more of this miscommunication I fear.

Look Familiar?

We saw this very same thing happen in week one last season against the Jets. With a chance to get a game winning FG, Romo threw to Dez who was obviously not on the same page and Revis intercepted it to seal the win for the Jets.  VIDEO and nice analysis of what went wrong then. Please forward to Garrett!

The Jets and Bears effectively disguised their coverage by showing man but actually it was a zone. I think we can expect other teams to set the same trap in the future.

Look coach, either Dez is too stupid to learn the offense or Romo is a gun slinging QB that shoots first and makes apologies later. If it wasn’t there, why throw it anyway? If Dez can’t read defenses, then make Miles Austin the primary target. Bet he can read them better than Dez.

It gets even worse. Jason’s second explanation:

“The second interception was to Ogletree. We were down in the red zone, moved the ball down in there. What they do on defense is they, you have to be really efficient throwing the football underneath them over and over again, and they are going to contest some plays. And it was a contested throw to Kevin and the ball got in on him and the ball bounced up off of him. Hard to tell if the defender got his hand in or not, but that was a scoring opportunity for us that they created a turnover on.”

My Take:

Ogletree displayed a classic case of “alligator arms” as he looked inside to see if Urlacher was going to shorten his night with a big hit worthy of a fine from the NFL Commish. He took his eyes off the ball. We all saw it so call it for what it was Jason or you can expect it to keep occurring. If Tree doesn’t want to earn his living running a slant in the NFL then get a WR that does. Give Dwayne Harris a shot. He looks gutsy to me. Have to make that catch for your team there. Not excuses.

Third one: More BLAH BLAH BLAH

“The third one, Tony climbed the pocket against some pressure and was really just trying to get up in the pocket versus some edge rush and he climbed up in there and as he was pushing the ball up, the ball got knocked out and Briggs intercepted and ran it back for a touchdown. So if you look at those three plays, two of them directly resulted in touchdowns for 14 points. The other was in the red zone, which we assumed was going to be at least three points, possibly seven points. Those three plays, it was a 21-point swing for us, against us for them.

My take:

We have a QB (Romo) who does not take care of the football. Really is there anything else to say about this play? The QB must take care of the ball. True in Pop Warner level and true in NFL. Just stop the excuses.

For the other three INTs Jason just lumps them together in a very nonchalant manner:

At the end of the ball game we were down three scores and Tony was aggressive throwing the football down the field trying to make a play, and I think that was the cause for the last three interceptions.

My take: These throws are clearly and obviously on the shoulders of Romo and frankly they were terrible throws. Not much zip on the pass and the WRs had absolutely no chance to catch them. What was he thinking coach?

Jason appears far too comfortable with this performance to my liking. His soft handling of these mistakes is not good.

The team’s experienced (not rookie) QB can not melt down late in the game. In the past we have seen Romo do this before and yes, we have seen him win some late in the game too.

But can we all agree that Romo must become more consistent for this team to ever think about getting over the hump of mediocrity? Or is it time to move on from Romo? If this performance doesn’t make you ask that question, then I guess nothing will.