Scary October Loss May Haunt Dallas at End of Season Like Lions Melt Down Game of 2011.

Rowdy is the only one smiling after Romo and the Cowboys blew a 24 point lead to the Lions in 2011. That loss may have kept Dallas from the playoffs in 2011.

What is it about the 4th game of the season that makes Romo and the Cowboys fall apart? It happened Monday night against the Bears and last year it was against the Lions in the fourth game where Dallas had a 24 point lead, then watched it evaporate after a couple Tony Romo pick six throws. A while back, I came to the conclusion that the debacle in the Lions game is what kept the Cowboys out of the playoffs last season. Blog Here.

Like the Bears, the Lions game was at home for Dallas and against an NFC North team.  The Lions scored 38 points exactly the same as the Bears did Monday night and Romo threw 3 INTs against the Lions while throwing 5 against the Bears. Losing to the Lions left Dallas with a 2-2 record exactly where they currently find their record after the Bears loss.

However in the Lions game, the Cowboys completely blew a large lead while against the Bears, Dallas never even had the lead.

The Lions went on to finish the 2011 season 10-6 earning a wildcard playoff spot and Dallas finished 8-8 with no playoffs. But if Dallas had held on to their lead and beat the Lions, both teams would have finished the season 9-7. The tie breaker would have gone to the Cowboys for beating the Lions head to head and put Dallas in the playoffs.

Could a similar scenario play out with their loss to the Bears in 2012? Will the annual Romo melt down game haunt them once more? It certainly could.

The Bears may not win their division as the Vikings are 4-1 and look much improved. The Packers have already beat the Bears this season and I wouldn’t count the Packers out of the division race by any means yet. At the end of the season, the Bears could be looking for a wildcard spot just like the Lions were last year.

And the Cowboys certainly will have a big challenge to win their division as the Eagles are now out in front. The Cowboys actually may be fortunate to even be in the wildcard hunt at the end of the season. Could the Bears edge them out of the post season because of the loss Monday night? Time will tell but for now it is a possibility.

Every game in the NFL counts. They say that’s what makes the NFL so exciting and interesting for fans. It’s not OK to have an off night and a melt down debacle if you have post season aspirations. There are no “meaningless games”.

Like the Lions in 2011, that Bears game could be the one that keeps them from making the postseason.