Giants Game Sunday is a Must Win for Dallas and Here is Why.

After squeezing out a victory against the Panthers, the Cowboys are now 3-3. Taking a look at the remaining 10 games for Dallas, I have come to the conclusion that they can not afford to lose to the Giants on Sunday.

After Giants, 2 brutal road games:

The Cowboys would next go play the undefeated (6-0) Falcons in the Georgia Dome where the Falcons rarely lose. Not likely to get a win there similar to playing at the Ravens and Seahawks where Dallas has previously lost.

Then the Cowboys would play in Philadelphia where the Eagles always up their game for the Cowboys. No matter how bad the Eagles have been playing, they will show up in a big way for the Cowboys. Forget winning, just getting out of there with your team still in tact is an accomplishment. Not feeling this one.

Can’t afford to be 3-4 headed to Atlanta and Philly facing the possibility of being 3-6.

However, if Dallas wins against the Giants then loses those 2 road games, they would be 4-5 but then there is light at the end of the tunnel. Five out of the last seven games would be at home in Cowboys Stadium. Realistically I think Dallas could win 5 of those 7 to finish the season 9-7. Good enough to make the playoffs? Maybe or maybe not. But better than last years 8-8.

The Last 7 Games:

WIN: First Dallas would be at home for the Browns who have only won one game so far. Like the Cowboys chances.

WIN: Then Dallas has another home game on Thanksgiving Day with their rival Washington. Yes they will bring in RGIII but I like the Cowboys chances on Turkey Day no matter who comes to town on that short week. Cowboys are 28-15-1 on Thanksgiving.

WIN: Then after a long week to prepare, the Eagles come to town. The Cowboys were swept last season by the Eagles but I like their chances to get a win at home.

WIN and a LOSS: Next two games are @ Bengals and home for the Steelers. Both the Steelers and Bengals have struggled this year and are not unbeatable. I just look for Dallas to win one of these two games.

WIN: Home against the struggling Saints. Yes they still have Brees at QB but they have a very generous defense. I think Dallas wins this one.

LOSS: The last game is at Washington where I picture RGIII having a good game. Not feeling great about this one already and it’s pretty far down the line.

Giants game the key:

Remains to be seen if a 9-7 record will be good enough to play in the post season but if Dallas loses to the Giants Sunday, I’m convinced they are looking at another 8-8 season at best, and I am confident that will not get it done.

One thought on “Giants Game Sunday is a Must Win for Dallas and Here is Why.

  1. Afraid I’m not quite as optimistic about the Cowboys’ remaining schedule…it’s looking more like they will probably finish at 8-8 again. First of all, not sure they can beat the Giants again (who have not lost in the Cowboys’ new stadium)–unless they put it all together (in all 3 phases) & play their best mistake-free football.

    To have a chance to win games going forward this season, their running game needs to be more consistent, Dez needs to become a more dependable target for Romo, and Ryan’s defense needs to continue to bring pressure & create turnovers. The defense did bring pressure & got an INT against the Panthers–but that was only their 2nd INT of the season.

    As a die-hard, true-blue Cowboys fan, I’m hoping for the best–but…

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