Short Handed Cowboys Outlast Short Handed Browns 23-20.

This is supposed to be the easy part of the Cowboys schedule but as Tina Turner says in the song Proud Mary, “we never do nothing nice and easy, we always do it nice and rough”. That’s just how these Cowboys roll.

Short handed Browns

The Bowns came into the game without starting CB Joe Haden who was a game time decision to not play. That put back up Buster Skrine in the line up and he just grabbed the Cowboys WRs over and over again when the ball came his way. He was flagged numerous times and gave the Cowboys several first downs in the game. Last week the Cowboys rookie Morris Claibourne had a similar problem but Buster’s problems were even worse than what MO displayed.

The Browns finished with a laughable 12 penalties for 129 yards.

Short handed Cowboys

And the Cowboys came into the game without a center with Costa and Cook out so they had to move Bernadeau from guard to center. Bernadeau seemed to have a decent game considering it was his first start at center however the problem was with Dockery who replaced Bernadeau at guard. To add insult to injury or just another injury in this case, their left tackle Tyron Smith went out of the game with an ankle injury.

How that go? Not too good as Romo was sacked 7 times! That’s right 7 times. Dockery and Parnell were both terrible but Free didn’t play great either at starting right tackle. The Cowboys offensive line isn’t great when healthy so when you move down the depth chart it can get real ugly. And it did.

The offensive line had numerous holding penalties too and at times the Browns were given a multiple choice as to which Cowboy to hang the penalty on.

The Cowboys finished with a silly 9 penalties for 92 yards.

There was so much flag throwing going on that evidently the refs starting getting confused by going under the hood to review plays that aren’t reviewable. Also they called a horse collar tackle on Dallas when he clearly had the players long hair. That however is not reviewable. Refs could use an anatomy lesson it would appear.

New rule suggestion: Players are not allowed to have hair hanging out of helmets. Just because these guys tackle like girls doesn’t mean they get to look like them.

The game was decided in over time and in the end, the Browns quite simply stunk more than the Cowboys. The Cowboys post season dreams are still alive, just barely, as they head into a division game Thursday with the Redskins.  Unfortunatley for Dallas, they have very little time to heal up and get them selves ready for the quarterback known as RG3.

The good news is they probably won’t have time to watch and review the game film from the Browns game. Got a feeling the Cowboys brass will recommend destroying that film….