Win Their Next Two, And Dallas Wins the NFC East. Here is how..

UPDATE 12/24/12

With the Giants losing to the Ravens, the Cowboys loss in O.T. to the Saints is not so harmful.
If the Cowboys defeat the Redskins Sunday night, they will win the NFC East and be the 4th seed in the playoffs.

If the Cowboys defeat the Redskins, the teams will be tied at 9-7 overall and 4-2 in the division. They will have split two games as well.
The tie breaker is then common opponents where the Cowboys hold a slight advantage over Washington. Since they will be tied at that point in the division, I looked at non division common opponents and Washington is 4-4 while Dallas is 5-3. Dallas gained an advantage with victories over the Bengals, Panthers and Steelers.

If Dallas loses to the Redskins the Cowboys will not be in the playoffs. If the Redskins lose however, they may earn a wildcard spot but will need help. They do hold a tie breaker over the Vikings with a win over them earlier.

With their OT win over the Steelers, combined with the Giants losing to the Falcons 34-0, the Cowboys control their own destiny now. All three teams, Redskins, Cowboys and Giants, are now tied with records of 8-6.

The Giants were crushed by the Falcons and face a similar game when they go to Baltimore next week by playing a team coming off a tough loss. The Falcons had lost to the Panthers and took it out on the Giants Sunday and this week the Ravens were beat down by the Broncos. I think the Giants are looking at a tough game with the Ravens.

Let’s say all three teams win next week:
The NFC East title would come down to Dallas @ Washington in the last week of the NFL regular season. If Dallas wins that game, they would win the East. Same is true for the Redskins too.

If Dallas wins out,
Both the Giants and Cowboys would be 10-6 but Dallas will finish with a better division record than the Giants. The Cowboys would finish the season with a 4-2 division record while the Giants will finish 3-3 in the division. Currently the Giants are 2-3 and we are assuming they beat the Eagles to go to 3-3. By beating Washington, Dallas would go to 4-2.

The Giants/Cowboys split two games so Giants would be eliminated from winning the division. (they still may get a wildcard) Dallas wins the East.

Next up Dallas plays the Saints and if they win that one, and Washington takes care of business with the Eagles, then a show down of Dallas at Washington for the NFC East title perhaps.